DAMIANO DAVID, GIORGIA SOLERI’S Fiancé / “We hope to remain genuine and ambitious”


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“Coraline” celebrates the love between Giorgia Soleri And Damiano David. Today’s guest is another day, the young influencer explained that that Maneskin song was dedicated to her: “He wrote it for me, I saw it born. Our relationship was still confidential, then he asked if he could announce it. And after Sanremo he expressed that she is inspired by me “. A relationship full of love and joy, without competition: “In love there is no room for competition, but neither in friendship. Otherwise it is not love. I can’t be envious of the successes of the people I love ”.

“I figured they would be successful, I never had any doubts. I told him over four years ago, I told him, “You’re going to do Wembley.” Just look at it. They are four extremely talented people who have created a universe “has explained Giorgia Soleri in Serena Bortone’s living room: “I hope to be supportive for him, but he has always been very aware of his talent. Overcoming the limits that few have exceeded in the history of music, perhaps he did not expect it “. Finally, a hope for their couple: “We hope to always remain genuine and ambitious. And I hope to always be accomplices “. (MB update)

Damiano David and Giorgia Soleri, how did they meet?

Damiano David, the Maneskin frontman is Giorgia Soleri’s boyfriend. The two have been together for 4 years and between them there is also an age difference: 25 years old Giorgia, while Damiano is 22. They have been together for 4 years, so since Damiano was 18. Giorgia is a model and is originally from Rome just like Damiano: recently we saw it in the advertisement for Birra Moretti. Dark hair and mug in hand, Giorgia certainly does not go unnoticed. After various rumors about their present relationship, Damiano had come out in the open by posting a photo on social media and the caption: “After almost 4 years, can we say no?”. Giorgia then got engaged to Damiano when the Maneskin had just achieved success with X Factor by winning it in 2015: Giorgia and Damiano must have met in the months following the victory of the program and therefore the notoriety of the group.

Damiano David is the leader of the Maneskin. For music he left his studies at the classical high school and founded the group in 2014, together with Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raggi and Ethan Torchio. They appear at the X edition of X Factor and the Maneskin quickly become darlings of audiences and critics, who speak of them as the revelation band of the year. Despite coming second in the standings, they are the real winners of X Factor. Damiano is the undisputed leader of the band, but also a character who stands out both for his voice, ragamuffin style, and for his sexual ambiguity. In March 2021, with his band Maneskin, he won the 71st edition of the Sanremo Festival, then triumphing also at Eurovision, with the song “Shut up and good”.

Damiano David naked and in high heels for the new single Supermodel

Damiano David will be one of the protagonists of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. After the victory last year, the Maneskin will be guests of the final on May 14th and will present their new song Supermodel. To increase “waiting anxiety” on social networks, they are sharing a preview of some of the outfits that they will probably show off in the video: between heels, furs and crystals, they could only be full of sensuality. In recent days Damiano and Victoria have made a photo shoot to promote the song.

The singer allowed himself to be immortalized completely naked wearing only dark sunglasses, pumps with stiletto heels and a black bathrobe worn buttoned at the waist but with a shoulder pad that falls on the bicep, so as to leave in view the numerous tattoos he has on the body. We know little or nothing about the text and sound of the new piece. Damiano David’s band has only revealed the release date and cover of the single. Maneskin fans filled the Maneskin social pages with likes and comments, eager to hear their new song which promises to be full of sensuality.



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