CPD officer acquitted of shooting that wounded unarmed man at CTA Red Line station


A Cook County judge has acquitted a Chicago police officer who shot and injured an unarmed man during an arrest at the Grand Station on the CTA Red Line in 2020.

Officer Melvina Bogard claimed she was trying to protect herself when she shot Ariel Roman on February 28, 2020, but Roman’s attorney said the officer’s allegations were based on “clear video evidence.” It is completely inconsistent with,” he claimed before the trial.

Judge Joseph Craps said prosecutors were unable to substantiate their allegations and Roman was unreliable on the witness stand.

According to prosecutors, Roman was shot in the hip and buttocks shortly after Bogard’s partner, Officer Bernard Butler, shouted “Shoot him”.

Bogard’s attorney, Tim Grace, claimed that Roman “had enough cocaine in his body to calm the horse” and refused to follow the officers’ instructions. He tried to “bend” the officer’s handcuffs and push the officer to the edge of the platform.

According to prosecutors, Bogard and Butler were sent to the CTA’s Crime Prevention Unit when they spotted Roman moving between cars while the train was running.

Roman told officers that he was suffering from anxiety and was trying to get away from commuters who got in his way. When the train pulled up at Grand Station, officers told Roman to get off and he repeatedly asked for identification, prosecutors said.

A struggle ensued, and when Roman disobeyed the officers’ orders, Bogard repeatedly said, “Stop resisting,” as he tried to handcuff Roman.

Both officers deployed stun guns early in the encounter, and Bogard also used pepper spray, which Goff said affected Butler and Roman. , he pointed out.

Grace grabbed the details and pointed out that the officers had not been provided with radios capable of communicating Bogard’s backup requests.

Roman was eventually able to get to his feet before being restrained by Butler, who ordered Bogard to “shoot him”. It is said that

Roman, who began wiping his eyes, said Goff when Bogard fired the first shot into his chest. I ran up the escalator toward the main concourse of

Roman was taken into custody after the shooting and charged with resisting arrest and drug offenses. These charges were later dropped.

According to Grace, Bogard is active in her church and comes from a family of police officers, including her mother, who recently retired from CPD for the first time in 25 years.

Grace emphasized that Bogard was never disciplined as an officer. Hired in 2017, she and Butler were fairly new to the department at the time of the shooting.


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