CPD commander demoted after working private security during White Sox ballpark shooting, sources say

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CHICAGO (WLS) — The fallout from a shooting at Guaranteed Rate Field last month has led to a Chicago police commander being demoted.

It has been five weeks to the day since two women were injured by bullets at a White Sox game, but Chicago police appear no closer to solving the mystery of what happened than they were in the early stages of the investigation.

Sources with knowledge of the investigation told ABC7 that just last week a Chicago police crime scene investigator and a state police investigator were at Guaranteed Rate Field to revisit the shooting incident in the left field bleachers to try and determine the trajectory of the bullets.

Five weeks ago, two women were struck by bullets during the game. Police have been unable to say whether the shots were fired inside or outside the ballpark.

A 42-year-old woman who was shot spoke exclusively with ABC7 Thursday, under the condition she remain anonymous. The victim said she heard a sound shortly before realizing she had been shot in the leg.

“The only way I can think to describe it is as a pop,” she said. “I am familiar with the sound of gunshots. It did not sound like a gunshot to me. It was a pop.”

Police, after consulting with the White Sox, decided not to cancel the game, saying in the days that followed that they had no proof of an active shooter and did not want to cause a panic.

The victim said she wished they would have paused the game.

ABC7 has learned from sources Friday that Chicago police Commander John Spellman, who was working as a contract security supervisor for the White Sox that night, has been demoted to Lieutenant.

He did not have the written permission from the Interim Police Superintendent Fred Waller to work the outside job, as required by department regulations.

A heavily redacted copy of the police report from that night indicates that responding officers were wearing body-worn cameras when they spoke to White Sox personnel.

The report also reads: “Commander Spellman was on scene and notified Sox personnel at 20:12 hours that Chief McDermott was requesting Sox to stop the game for public safety reasons.”

The victim we spoke to worries that they may never figure out what truly happened.

Police said the investigation continues.

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