Civic Center: ‘Best year’ financially, great year for attendance, also announce extension with ASM Global

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PEORIA (WMBD Radio) – 343.

That’s the number of event days the Peoria Civic Center had in the just-ended fiscal year, according to General Manager Rik Edgar.

And with that kind of busyness, Edgar says that leads to impressive attendance numbers – just under 500,000 ticketed visitors, not counting those who work the events.

“Pre-COVID, the numbers might have been higher, but we have more qualified guests coming now, that are spending their money,” said Edgar. “I’ve been a believer, and my board has supported this, to not grease our numbers.”

In terms of finances, Edgar says Fiscal Year 2023 was, “the best year the venue’s had.”

“We crushed every record by far,” said Edgar, to WMBD’s “Greg and Dan Show.” “In fact, we had our best year by more than a million dollars over what was the previous best year.”

Edgar says that’s $1 million net, not gross, and with the caveat that because it’s a non-profit organization, the Civic Center isn’t supposed to make money.

So, that extra money was used to, in Edgar’s words, reinvest in the center, so the profit will be as close to zero as possible.

That’s also on top of more than $20 million in new bond money provided by the city for other infrastructure projects.

The Peoria Civic Center also says it’s extending its relationship with venue management company ASM Global.

ASM Global has managed the Peoria Civic Center since 1990.

“This relationship has proven itself mutually beneficial for more than three decades,” said Yvonne Greer, Peoria Civic Center Authority board chair. “We are grateful for our past and excited about our future. ASM Global offers our facility world-class management and provides industry access and opportunities we could not achieve on our own.”

The new agreement extends the partnership through 2028.

Greer says one of the top priorities under the extended agreement is to continue to promote a wide variety of programming to appeal to the largest marketplace possible.

The Peoria Civic Center features an 11,000-seat arena, a 2,196-seat theater, 110,000 square feet of exhibition space, and 45,000 square feet of meeting room space.

The Civic Center typically hosts over 275 events a year, and is connected to two hotels downtown via skywalk.

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