CHICAGO, Ill. — City residents sounded off at a Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability (CCPSA) meeting held at Truman College Thursday night.

“What we cannot end up [with is] fewer officers patrolling the beats and longer wait times, response times for 911 calls,” said Patrick McNeil, a Chicago resident.

Chicagoans used the public comment portion of the meeting to talk about police funding and City spending, which is a hot button topic with a vote on the City’s budget by City Council upcoming in the near future.

“We’ve all seen in the news, folks, robberies have skyrocketed and took a turn for the worse,” said Anthony Driver Jr., President of the CCPSA. “I was the victim [Jan. 23] of this year. We all are at an increased risk.”

Also taking place Thursday night was a hearing on public safety when it comes to workers, including ride share and food delivery drivers, as well as postal workers.

“Having to come to work scared wondering if they will be the next victim,” said Elise Foster, President of the National Association of Letter Carriers Chicago(NALCC) . “We should not have to work in fear.”

The NALCC President said, since Aug. 2022, there have been more than 100 postal workers robbed or assaulted on the job in Chicago.

“we are asking for help,” Foster said. “With CPD commanders, five troubling districts most attacks happen, postal inspector in charge … AG’s office seeking help.”