Chicago woman charged with storing 96-year-old mother’s corpse in freezer


In the case of a 70-year-old woman charged with hiding her mother’s body in a freezer, details emerged in court on Wednesday, with prosecutors revealing the body had been hidden for nearly two years.

Regina Michalski, 96, died in her home on March 4, 2021, in front of her daughter Eva Bratcher, who is facing felony charges of concealing death and possessing fraudulent identification, according to a debt court admiral. Did.

Police were led to the body after Bratcher’s estranged daughter called the Chicago Police Department asking them to check on Michalski’s health.

A calendar recovered from the Bratcher home recorded the date and time of Michalski’s death.

About a week later, Bratcher purchased a new storage freezer from Apto Electronics, which was immediately used to store Michalski’s body, according to court documents.

The freezer containing Michalski’s body was then moved to the garage of Bratcher’s Portage Park residence, where it was kept until it was discovered on January 30 of this year.

Michalski’s body was found after Blucher’s estranged daughter contacted the Chicago Police Department on January 30 and asked for a medical examination for Michalski.

After the police arrive, Bratcher is arrested and Michalski’s body is found inside the freezer.

She later admitted to police that she had purchased a freezer to store her mother’s body and had been collecting rent from other tenants in the building since Michalski’s death until now.

Court documents reveal that Bratcher explained her absence by explaining to one of the building’s residents and neighbors that Michalski had been moved to a nursing home.

A search warrant was then executed at Blucher’s residence, and fraudulent identification cards bearing a photo of Blucher and Michalski’s name were found. A document signed in Michalski’s name was also found, and the writing date of the signature occurred after Michalski’s death.

The cause of death remains unknown, as the frozen state of the body made an autopsy impossible until later this week.

Bratcher is scheduled to appear in court on February 21.


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