Chicago: Video shows car sideshow of flamethrowing, spinning donuts and rock-throwing that ended in three felonies in Chicago over Thanksgiving weekend


CHICAGO — Three men face felony charges after series of stunt driving, donut spinning and car “sideshow” damaged several Chicago Police Squad cars and injured CPD Sergeant over Thanksgiving weekend It’s decided.

Up to 200 cars and hundreds of spectators were involved in the incident blocking the intersection. A reinforced vehicle spun around a ring of fire, passengers blasted flamethrowers into the air, and several drivers ate donuts around Chicago’s police force. car.

Demitrian Perez (above) and Jonathan Hernandez were charged with felonies in connection with allegations stemming from a car “sideshow” on Nov. 27, 2022. Participants blocked intersections, deployed flamethrowers, and threw asphalt, bottles, and auto parts at Chicago police. | | Instagram; CPD

Bystanders threw chunks of asphalt at police cars and punched and kicked CPD police cars.

Here are some social media videos to give you a taste of what happened.

Early Sunday morning at the intersection of Ogden and Costner, a man fired a flamethrower from his sports car while the driver and another car were spinning donuts.

Shortly after 1 a.m. on Sunday, in the 4300 block of South Pulaski, sideshow spectators threw objects at the Chicago Police Department, kicked police cars, and attempted to break police windows.

Here’s another view from TikTok.

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And from another Twitter:

At the Pulaski Sideshow, Chicago police arrested two men for felony charges. At the man’s bail hearing Monday afternoon, prosecutor Adam Samarco said about 200 cars were involved in the incident, during which spectators threw vehicle parts and beer bottles at police cars and kicked CPD vehicles.

Police witnessed 21-year-old Demetrian Perez and Jonathan Hernandez trying to flee from officers in a car, Samarco said. At one point, Perez allegedly backed up his car to attempt to crash into a police car following him that had lights and sirens activated.According to Sammarco, he missed his CPD unit. However, it collided with another vehicle.

When Perez finally pulled over, Samarco said he backed up again and accelerated at high speed toward the officer. Officers moved out of the way and took refuge behind another vehicle, but Perez continued and smashed into another occupied police car, Samarco said.

Prosecutors charged Perez, a Remont resident, with two counts of aggravated assault on a sheriff, mob behavior, criminal damage to government property, and aggravated fugitive. These are all felonies. He has also been charged with reckless driving, driving without a license, and violating the vehicle law.

Hernandez has been out on bail since September on felony possession of a firearm with an altered serial number, and has been charged with felony mob behavior and possession of a controlled substance. Police said they found cocaine in his possession.

Judge Mary Malvio ordered Perez to post $5,000 bail to get him out of prison. She held Hernandez without bail for breaching bail in a pending gun case.

Another man was arrested at a third sideshow at 24th Street and Archer Avenue at approximately 2:15 am. There, Jesus Ramos, 31, of DuPage County, was one of the bystanders who threw asphalt at Chicago police, Samarco claimed.

Officers who arrived at the scene found about 50 cars and 100 onlookers blocking the intersection. Police used loudspeakers to order the crowd to disperse, but it did not.

“Be careful,” Deering (9th) District Sergeant radioed. He could use another car or two. “

“It’s going to be a Cadillac,” the sergeant said after the car finished circling around him. “I’ve probably done it about 100 times [mph] Heading to Archer’s first district.

Samarco claimed that several people began throwing objects, including asphalt, at the police, and Ramos in particular hit the sergeant’s hood and bounced it off the windshield.

Ramos fled the scene but “hit into a fixed concrete structure” and fell, Samarco said. Police tasted him three times before taking him under control.

The sergeant who chased Ramos suffered injuries to his thumb and knee. Ramos was hospitalized on Monday awaiting surgery for an unspecified condition, according to officers who appeared at the bail hearing.

Judge Malvio ordered him to be released on electronic surveillance after posting $5,000 bail. He is charged with felonies of aggravated assault on a sheriff, resisting arrest, and criminal damage to government property.

Samarco said he was convicted of arson and assault in DuPage County.

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