Chicago: Video shows a Chicago luggage thief in action pretending to be an Amazon driver and prying open the door

Surveillance images show a luggage thief in action at Block 2700 in Lincoln Park’s North Pine Grove. | | Provided

Chicago — Check out this video from one of our Lincoln Park readers. Security cameras in their building recorded it last Saturday, March 11, around 7:40 am.

With seemingly no worries, this guy Jimmy’s into the 2700 block complex in North Pine Grove. After wandering the nearby hallways, he circled back, grabbed his two packages from his desk at the front desk, and pedaled a Divvy bike.

Another CWB Chicago reader sent me this next video from another part of the city. After reading a recent article about a parcel thief masquerading as an Amazon delivery man, readers realized that this guy works hard.

After waiting for the cars to pass, he jogged down the stairs with the luggage he didn’t have when he arrived. Then, lo and behold, he walked on and found something interesting on the next porch.

According to the Chicago Police Department, reports of thefts are on the rise across the city. latest statistics reportThe number of incidents has increased by 25% compared to last year, 104% compared to 2021, and more than 30% compared to 2020 and 2019. It is not possible from city records to determine exactly how much of that increase was due to package theft.

Robberies are also up 10% this year, up 43% compared to 2021, but down from pre-COVID levels. Some police speculate that the long-term decline in robberies may be due to an increase in people working from home.

The best protection is to deliver the package to a locker or store for pickup. Aside from that, be careful when waiting for delivery. It only takes a few seconds for a cleverly disguised “Amazon driver” to get your item.


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