Chicago: Sexual assault victim identifies perpetrator after posting profile on Facebook’s ‘People you may know’ section


A Chicago woman who was sexually assaulted at gunpoint by an unknown man in November 2021 was recently contacted by Chicago police after her Facebook “People You May Know” feed posted the name and photo of the attacker. Prosecutors said Wednesday that they had filed a report.

Mark Green, 48, is currently charged with aggravated sexual assault while in possession of a weapon.

At Mr Green’s bail hearing, Mr Green met with a woman, now 39, at 6300 South Ashland on November 15, 2021, who agreed to have sex with him for money. said Assistant State Attorney Anne McCord.

They drove to Mr. Green’s house and the woman served Mr. Green an alcoholic drink for a while at Mr. Green’s request, McCord continued. The two then went to Mr. Green’s bedroom and had consensual sex.

But Green was “unhappy” with the woman’s “performance” and pulled out a gun when she told him she was leaving, McCord said.

McCord said Green sexually assaulted the woman while holding a gun.

Mark Green | Cook County Sheriff’s Office.Facebook

In the end, the man allowed the woman to use the restroom, and the woman ran away from home. Chicago police found her running down the street wrapped in her blanket.

Incredibly, Green’s profile recently appeared in a collage of people Facebook put up in her People You May Know section, McCord said. The woman recognized Mr. Green’s profile picture and passed the information on to Chicago police.

McCord said the victim identified Greene from a lineup of photos on Tuesday. Officers arrested Greene at the Cook County Jail, where he was held on $3,000 bail and is awaiting trial in three separate cases involving driving with a suspended license.

McCord said he was convicted of six felonies, including kidnapping with strangulation and aggravated domestic violence in 2017 and two gun charges in the 1990s.

But Green’s attorneys said, 18 months have passed since the allegations, and given that the woman filed the complaint against Green after seeing him on Facebook, “there is a serious identity problem. ‘, questioning the state lawsuit.

Lawyers say Green is an auto mechanic and lives with his girlfriend and six-month-old daughter.

Judge Charles Beach ordered Green to pay bail of $15,000 to be released under electronic surveillance.


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Written by Natalia Chi

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