Chicago: ‘Prison-eater’ sentenced to prison in another series of gym robberies that stole Maserati


CHICAGO — Lamont Cassie, known as the “Jail Eater” for his habit of consuming portions of Cook County Jail and other detention facilities, after pleading guilty to committing another string of fitness center robberies and thefts in Chicago. , back in jail. Jim Rat Maserati.

Cathey, now a 13-time convicted felon, pleaded guilty to theft, aiding or abetting possession of a stolen automobile, and two counts of identity theft before Judge Alexandra Gillespie. She was sentenced to two and a half years for identity theft and four years each for other charges.

He is scheduled to be released on parole on May 14, 2024, according to Illinois Department of Corrections records, more than three years after he was arrested on the charges.

Lamont Cathy | CPD;

During his many trips to prisons and prisons, Kathy reportedly cost taxpayers at least $2 million in medical bills by literally eating pieces of the facility.

We first talked about him in 2021. At that time, prosecutors charged him with breaking into a gym locker in Lincoln Park and using the victim’s credit card at a nearby store. Then, two weeks later, when he allegedly escaped electronic surveillance, we told you about him again.

His most recent conviction, like many of his previous convictions, stems from allegations that he broke into a gym locker at a fitness center in the city.

On February 19th last year, a Google engineer attended a yoga session at Block 1100 of South Delano Courts on the South Loop. Later, he discovered that someone had broken into his locker while he was working out. His wallet, keys and phone were gone. CPD reported that his Maserati disappeared from the parking lot.

Prosecutors said the high-quality video showed Cathey exiting the shopping complex, lifting the parking lot gate with his hands and shooing away the victim’s Maserati. Cathey arrived at her nearby Target store and using the victim’s credit her card, she purchased her two iPads worth $2,399.

Two days after the South Loop incident, before police caught up with her, Kathy broke into the men’s locker at a yoga studio on the 200 block in West Ontario, according to the criminal complaint. He allegedly stole $100 in cash, a phone and a wallet. According to prosecutors, he immediately used the victim’s credit card to purchase $2,400 worth of merchandise from his buy at Best at 1000 West North Avenue and at 2656 North Elston. From Target he purchased over $1,100 in merchandise.

He did not appear at a bail hearing after police arrested him last year.

Cathy ran first $1 million medical bills In 2015, he was in prison awaiting trial for an alleged restaurant robbery. He ate screws, thumbtacks, leather, needles, and he 4-inch pieces of metal.

As of 2016, he had undergone 20 surgeries to remove metal items he had consumed while in custody. Reported by CBS2Carla Smith, a sheriff’s office spokesperson at the time, called Kathy’s case “a terribly sad and very frustrating affair.”

When Kathy returned to prison on suspicion of possessing a stolen automobile and evading electronic surveillance, he began eating the facility again and filed an additional $1 million bill for treatment.

At one point, prison authorities transferred him to Loyola Medical Center, where he spent three months handcuffed to a bed while a sheriff’s deputy monitored him 24/7. Contemporaneous media reports said that Cermak and the county-run Stroger Hospital refused to admit him, causing Cathey’s stay in Loyola to last several months longer than was medically necessary.

In the end, Loyola filed a lawsuit with the county to enforce custody of Cassie.


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