Chicago: Police looking for man who attacked pedestrian with hammer in Loop

Chicago police are looking for the man in connection with a random attack with a hammer on the Loop last month. | | Chicago Police Department

Chicago police just released video A man is wanted on suspicion of attacking a person with a hammer last month in the Loop. CWB Chicago was the first to report on the attack after it occurred on December 8th.

Officers were initially dispatched to report a man walking down River North with a hammer after stealing it from a hotel tool cart near Michigan Avenue around 9:45 a.m. The police were unable to find the man and the hotel didn’t want to file a theft report, so the matter appeared to be resolved.

But about an hour later, a 53-year-old man walking 100 blocks in West Madison was hit in the head with a metal object, which, according to witnesses, looked like a hammer or a crowbar, according to a Chicago police report. It says.

Aggravated Battery- Other Dangerous Weapon|100 Block W. Madison|December 5th, 2022|RD #JF502607Aggravated Battery- Other Dangerous Weapon|100 Block W. Madison|December 5th, 2022|RD #JF502607

“I was just outside Clark and Madison’s office,” a witness wrote to CWB Chicago shortly after the attack. “The man comes up behind him, hits him on the head with a sledgehammer, and walks down the middle of the road as if nothing had happened.”

A police officer who happened to be in the area called an ambulance to escort a man who was bleeding from the head. EMS took him to his Memorial Hospital at Northwestern, where his condition was stabilized, according to a police spokesperson.

Others in the area also reported men threatening pedestrians with hammers, but no injuries were reported.

Officers at the scene said the suspect was “walking around with a big hammer.” Another said the man may also have a crowbar.

If you know anything about the suspect in the video above, you can call Detective Rozanski at 312-744-0570 and discuss case number JF-502607.

Editor’s Note: According to video released by the Chicago Police Department, the attack occurred on December 5th. The exact date is December 8th.

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