Chicago: Police found the body while chasing the suspect, who later escaped through the ceiling of a Chicago police cell.


CHICAGO — The arrest of two men who were allegedly in a car that they allegedly deliberately attacked a Chicago police officer near the Field Museum on Friday night came in several unexpected ways, law enforcement sources say. brought about changes in

First, Chicago police who tracked down the South Side men found a dead body in the building. One of his suspects then climbed through the cell ceiling tiles and attempted to escape Area 3 Police Headquarters.

A video frame shows a hole in the containment cell ceiling (left) when the man tried to escape, and the wreckage fell into Area 3’s Detective Department.|| Neil Edelstein

It all started when officers pulled over at 8:12 p.m. After pulling over, the driver turned back to a police officer who was walking towards his car. A police officer then opened fire on the vehicle, according to CPD. The bullet struck another vehicle in the area, but no gunshot injuries were reported.

The driver fled the scene, but police tracked the vehicle to Block 7200 in South Vincennes and arrested two people who fled the vehicle.

While searching for the two men, police entered a house at 7100 South Lafayette and found the man dead in a chair. On Saturday, the coroner’s office performed an autopsy on the man, but the results were inconclusive, pending an official ruling on the cause and manner of his death.

A police spokesperson confirmed that officers had found an unresponsive man, believed to be between the ages of 61 and 70, “while searching for the perpetrator of an unrelated incident”. had died a long time ago, and appeared to be considerably younger than that age group.

Police transferred the two suspects to their Area 3 headquarters at 2452 West Belmont while the Lake Shore Drive investigation continues. But one of the men didn’t want to stay and crashed through the ceiling of his cell.

Ceiling tiles and ducts rained down on the detective department as the fugitive moved through an overhead crawl space and officers tore the ceiling to find him. Police caught him before he left the building.

A video of the damage done to the cell and surrounding office area was tweeted by the filmmakers on Saturday afternoon. Neil Edelstein:

A CPD spokesman said late Saturday afternoon that no information about the escape attempt was available because the police report documenting the incident was not completed.


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