When a Chicago mother couldn’t find resources for her disabled daughter, she came up with her own solution. 

Now, she’s trying to reach other parents who may find themselves at a dead end. 

Tiffoni Stepney knows all too well the lack of opportunities for disabled adults once they graduate high school. 

She is a former special education teacher and a mother to a daughter with autism. 

This year, she founded Every Step of the Way

Using her background in education, she’s putting together individualized plans for families to further their child’s education and recreation when schooling ends. 

“They were in school for seven to eight hours, and now they only have either the park district program or community service program which can be four to five hours, four to five days a week, and you know if your child has special needs, and they already have a delay, that education needs to continue,” said Stepney.

Stepney has plans to provide a full-day educational program for adults with disabilities.  She’s currently fundraising to meet that goal.  

If you need assistance with your family or would like to help, check out esw2022.org