Chicago: Man sexually assaults 15-year-old girl on Blue Line, prosecutor says


CHICAGO — Prosecutors on Thursday charged a Chicago man with sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl on a Blue Line train on the Northwest Side last summer. CTA surveillance cameras captured the entire incident.

At a Thursday afternoon hearing, prosecutor Anne McCord said defendant DeAndre Taylor, 32, approached the girl on a train early on Aug. 7 and commented on her appearance, saying that she He said he wanted to have sex with

Deandre Taylor | Cook County Sheriff’s Office. Sol 87

The girl who didn’t know Taylor got off the train and returned hours later. According to McCord, Taylor was still on the train when she returned. He boarded her train, resumed his conversation with her, and briefly picked up her phone. Taylor allegedly chased the girl, touching her arms and legs as he moved around her vehicle to avoid her.

According to McCord, Taylor cornered the girl into a seat near the exit and told her he was going to perform oral sex. He allegedly dropped his pants, grabbed her girl’s hair, and pressed her mouth against her genitals. McCord said part of the girl’s hair had been pulled out by the force of Taylor’s actions.

The teen sprayed Taylor with mace to stop the attack. She escaped at Jefferson Park Station and called for help from CTA employees.

After police talked to the girl at the station, they went to the platform, where Taylor allegedly brawled with them for several minutes before being subdued. By the time officers took Taylor into custody, the girl had left the scene, McCord said, who contacted police two days later and filed her report.

Taylor has been in the Cook County Jail since August 8 and was unable to raise $7,500 bail on a felony charge of fighting a police officer.

On Thursday, prosecutors charged him with criminal sexual assault and aggravated battery. During his bail hearing, his public defender said he had two children of his own and worked as a janitor to support them. Since his imprisonment, Taylor has been participating in a job preparation program, his attorney said.

Judge David Kelly ordered Taylor to post $15,000 bail to be released on electronic surveillance in sexual assault case. is.


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