Chicago: Man sentenced to seven years in prison for carjacking Lakeview woman while wearing court-ordered GPS tracker


CHICAGO — A lawsuit pending in November 2021 sentenced a man to seven years in prison for violently carjacking a woman in Lakeview while wearing a court-ordered GPS tracker.

Judge Peggy Chiampas convicted Jmeere Murray-Lennan after pleading guilty to one count of vehicle hijacking. Prosecutors dropped five felony counts in their deal with Murray Renan, including robbery, burglary and wrongful detention, court records show.

J’meere Murray Renan | CPD; Multiplot

On Nov. 4, 2021, when he and another man were confronted by a woman parking her car in a garage on the 1300 block in West Fletcher, Murray Renan had a GPS ankle monitor for a pending home battery case. was wearing.

As the two men demanded the keys, the woman tried to explain why, but Murray Renan walked behind the woman, covered her mouth with a gloved hand, and threw her to the ground. put his foot on her neck and face area and threatened to kill her because another man had taken her purse, keys, earphones and phone.

His accomplice allegedly started her car and Murray Renan took the passenger seat. They drove off and hit a neighbor’s iron fence as they fled. Surveillance cameras recorded part of the hijacking.

About four hours later, a CPD license plate reader located the car and police arrived. The driver fled from police, but eventually drove onto the sidewalk and crashed into a railing near Michigan Avenue and Roosevelt Road. The vehicle that began to smoke was a total loss.

Prosecutors said the driver at the time of the crash was Murray Renan and no one else was in the car. He was allegedly in possession of a car key fob and female earpods. A woman’s wallet and mobile phone were left in the car.

Prosecutors said investigators examined Murray Renan’s GPS tracker data and found that his device pinged the crime scene during the hijack.

This is Murray Renan’s first adult conviction, though he was found guilty of misdemeanor as a minor for possession of a stolen automobile in 2017. 2017 home burglary. Illegal possession of a handgun in 2018. A minor robbery case was pending at the time of the Lakeview carjacking, prosecutors said.

Court records show Murray Renan’s sentence was reduced by 50% for good behavior, and he was given the 552 days he spent in prison before pleading guilty. It’s unclear how he received the one-and-a-half-year credit.

He is scheduled to be released on parole on September 11, 2024.

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