Chicago: Man sentenced to 16 years for carjacking woman escapes electronic surveillance to Nebraska


A Chicago man sentenced to 16 years for carjacking a woman at gunpoint in Old Town about four years ago fled to Nebraska about a month after being released on electronic surveillance. bottom.

Camron King, 21, pleaded guilty before Judge Lorraine Murphy to hijacking a vehicle with a weapon and fleeing electronic surveillance. She sentenced him to her two-year sentence for escaping, in addition to her 14-year sentence for carjacking.

Camron King | Illinois Department of Corrections

On July 23, 2019, King and his alleged accomplice, Isaiah Jackson, 22, were accused of confronting a woman while she was loading groceries into her car. A woman loaded groceries into her car at Jewel Her Osco, West District 424 on July 23, 2019. Police said King took out her handgun and asked for her keys. She complied and the two men got into her Audi. However, the pair escaped when security intervened.

Chicago police released surveillance images of two suspects shortly after the carjacking incident. King immediately turned himself in to the Mattson police, and CPD officers arrested Jackson in Avondale.

About two months later, King posted $3,000 bail and returned home for electronic surveillance.

“He lasted about a month,” said Assistant State Attorney James Murphy at King’s court hearing last year. Investigators tracked the unit’s GPS to 6000 blocks in South Worcester.

“They hoped to find the defendant there,” Murphy said. “They were half right. They found a GPS bracelet on the ground… [it] It looks like it was cut off with a metal cutting tool. ”

Within weeks of the escape, King was arrested in Nebraska for felony strangulation and domestic assault. Nebraska authorities released him to await trial, and he took another misdemeanor assault case, Murphy said.

Nebraska authorities handed King over to Cook County officials after serving his sentence in the state. King also got a new tattoo on his face in Cornhusker.

Cam’ron King is seen in before and after mugshots from a field trip to Nebraska. | | Chicago Police Department; Cook County Sheriff’s Office

King’s 16-year sentence will be reduced by 50% if he behaves well. The judge also gave him a 998-day moratorium on his prison term. The Illinois Department of Corrections estimates he will be released on parole on his April 21, 2028.

His plea bargain allowed him to avoid an even longer prison sentence. Prosecutors initially charged him with aggravated vehicle hijacking with a firearm, adding to his 15-year prison sentence in addition to other sentences. However, that enhanced sentencing does not apply to the aggravated vehicle hijacking by weapon he pleaded.

King’s co-defendant, Jackson, continues to fight the hijacking allegations.


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