Chicago: Chicago man shot security guard just months after serving just four and a half years of 12-year carjacking sentence, prosecutors say

Salvador Leitinger | Chicago Police Department

CHICAGO — In February 2021, Salvador Leitinger was sentenced to 12 years in prison for carjacking a woman after detaining her in an Irving Park garage. The crime came just two weeks after Reitinger was sentenced to eight years for her 2010 carjacking.

But somehow, authorities released him in July, less than halfway through his 12-year sentence.

Yesterday, prosecutors said Lighttinger attempted to shoot and kill a security guard earlier this month.

How did Reitinger get out of prison after serving about 4.5 years of his 12-year sentence? But let’s start from the beginning.

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On January 11, 2010, Reitinger carjacked a driver at West Loop at gunpoint, according to prosecutors.

Eight years and 16 days after the West Loop hijack, Leittinger held a gun to the face of a 49-year-old woman in her garage on Block 4100 of North Central Park. We got the keys and tied the woman up with an electrical cord and a phone charger. Then he put her 2013 Ford her Focus in her car and drove off. This Ford Focus had an old Bernie Sanders her 2016 bumper sticker.

Police tracked the woman’s phone, which was in the car, to a nearby McDonald’s and Logan Square. Officers found a “Bernie” sticker and found Leitinger sitting in the driver’s seat of a car eating McDonald’s.

Prosecutors said he ran and dumped the loaded pistol in the road. However, the police caught up with him.

Prosecutors eventually struck a deal with Reitinger. He pleaded guilty to aggravated charges of vehicle hijacking with a weapon in exchange for his 12-year sentence from Judge Michael Hood on December 16, 2020.


Why did you serve less than five years of a 12-year sentence for a class X felony violent crime? We asked the Illinois Department of Corrections. Here’s what they told us:

First, the 12-year sentence was automatically reduced by 50% for good behavior. He was then credited for his two years and eleven months and his six days spent in county jail while awaiting his sentencing. His first parole date was set for him on January 10, 2024 — just six years after he was arrested.

And here comes the bonus points.

“Mr. Reitinger received 342 days of earning program sentence credits (11 months, 12 days) for completing various programs and work assignments,” an IDOC spokesperson explained. . New parole date: January 28, 2023. It’s been five years since he was arrested.

Then, on April 29, 2022, an amendment mandating that his prison credits be increased from 1,056 days to 1,239 days (three years, five months, and nine days) for the length of time he served in the county while awaiting sentencing. A judgment order has been received from the court.”

His readjusted parole date: July 25, 2022. 4 years and 6 months after the hijack.


Prosecutors on Monday charged Reitinger with attempted murder and other felonies for shooting a currency exchange guard in North Lawndale on November 12.

Security guards went to the currency exchange office at closing time and escorted the cashier to his car, prosecutor Liana Vianat said. While the clerk was in her car, Reitinger approached security, pulled out a gun and shot her in the abdomen, Biernat claimed.

She said the guard returned fire and hit Reitinger in the bicep. he fled the scene.

While police investigated the guard’s shooting, the 911 caller reported that another person opened fire about two blocks away. was a writer. Police found him with a 9mm handgun in his pocket, a loaded ammunition depot nearby, and blood stains leading to the scene of the guard’s shooting.

DNA testing of various pieces of evidence is pending, but Vianat said the shooting was captured on surveillance video.

She said neither the security guards nor the currency changers identified Leitinger as the shooter, but the video shows someone dressed like Leitinger shooting the guard after he exits an alleyway. The video also shows the guards fighting back and the gunman falling before he can get up and run.

Reitinger’s public defender, Suzin Farber, vehemently opposed the state’s request to hold Reitinger without bail. She pointed out that there was no DNA evidence, no ballistics evidence, no identification of Leitinger’s witnesses, no clear understanding of what the surveillance video was showing.

Reitinger is a father of two and works full-time as a scaffolding engineer.

Judge Barbara Dawkins granted the state’s request without bail despite Farber’s detailed allegations. A state parole board will review his parole status in the light of the new allegations.

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