Chicago: Chicago man robbed undercover cop during gun sales sting, prosecutor says

2021 Chicago Police Mugshot and Randy Dar in Mariano’s parking lot for allegedly robbing an ATF undercover agent. | | CPD; Google

CHICAGO — Federal prosecutors say a Chicago man robbed an undercover ATF agent last week during what appeared to be an illegal gun sale in a Bronzeville grocery store parking lot. increase.

Another ATF agent, in a court filing supporting the robbery and weapons charges, describes a series of meetings between Durr and an undercover agent recorded on audio and video and monitored by a surveillance team. Did.

According to the complaint, Durr first met with agents on November 4 and said he would be able to get the gun for $1,200 to $1,300 the following week. An undercover cop bought his first gun on November 7, 2011 in a grocery store parking lot on his 3800 block on Martin Luther King’s South He Drive. That block is Mariano’s house.

On November 9th, the men met in the same parking lot and followed the same script. Durr slipped into the backseat of an undercover cop’s car, another 9mm “ghost gun” he allegedly sold for $1,300.

In a phone call last Wednesday, Durr agreed to sell four handguns to an undercover agent for $5,200, according to court records.they met on the grocery store lot about 2:00 p.m.

As before, the agent showed up at the meeting with cash with a serial number pre-recorded by investigators.

But this time, instead of riding in the backseat of the agent’s car, Dar sat in the passenger seat, handed the agent the phone and said he’d be at the lot in 10 minutes with four guns. he complained.

When the undercover agent began counting $5,200 out of the $6,500 stack he had brought to the meeting, Durr pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the investigator with his finger on the trigger, officials claim. .

Durr took the $5,000 money and ordered the agent to leave the car and walk away.

“I’ll shoot you, n*gger,” Durr is said to have threatened.

After the agents left, Dahl allegedly took the bag from the driver’s side of the car and fled in his own vehicle. Inspectors tracked down Dahl’s car, but he lost it on Lakeshore Drive, the complaint said.

Investigators reviewed Dar’s public Facebook account and “identified a suspected intimate woman.” They go to her house and see Dar’s car parked nearby and realize that the undercover agent’s bag is in the car.

Someone living with a “suspicious intimate female companion” allowed agents to enter the home and arrest Dar. According to the complaint, they also allowed agents to search the house, which resulted in the recovery of a loaded handgun from a trash can and her $4,700 bill with a serial number on it.

Durr’s aunt and parents wrote letters of support to the court.

“Lil Lundy lost someone special to him to gun violence,” wrote his aunt Natasha Williams. “As most of us know, tragic situations can hit us hard and we find ourselves not thinking right! I am dealing with what I have lost.”

“If I get another chance, I assure you [sic] he will make better decisions. ”

In a joint letter, Randy and Yamashita Dar said their son goes to church and has a passion for music and cooking. .

Dulu “is battling grief from losing a has had a huge impact on his self-discipline and decisions,” the couple wrote.

“What is wrong is wrong and what is right is right. In this case my son was wrong, but one thing is for sure, I didn’t raise him to be seen in court. is”

Durr is being charged with felony cannabis manufacturing delivery resulting from the February 2021 traffic stop, according to Cook County Court records. Chicago police said they found a digital scale, 13 ounces of suspected cannabis, and $5,248 in the car Durr was driving.

Six months after that incident, prosecutors charged Durr with further illegal use of weapons after another traffic stop. At that time, Chicago police said they found a loaded handgun with an extended ammunition magazine and an automatic fire switch in the glove box of the car Durr was driving.

However, defense attorneys argued that Durr did not own the vehicle, had other people in it, including a passenger in the front seat, and was fairly close to the weapon. The case was dropped seven weeks after him, according to court records.

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