Chicago Board of Ethics refers Mayor Lightfoot campaign case to inspector general


Chicago (WLS) — Chicago’s Ethics Commission has referred issues heating up Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s campaign to the city’s Office of the Inspector General.

Inspector General Deborah Wittsburg declined to comment further, but said in a statement on Tuesday, “The investigation conducted by the Office of the Inspector General is classified information and the City Law will issue a public statement on our investigation work. “There are very limited circumstances that allow it.” That said, in my view, abusing public office for political gain is unacceptable in Chicago.Thanks for the referral from the Ethics Committee today. “

Tuesday also marks five weeks until Election Day.

The Ethics Committee, which was investigating whether Lightfoot’s campaign violated the city’s ethics code earlier this month, sent an email to a Chicago public school teacher asking her to use her campaign in exchange for extra credit. encouraged students to volunteer for

Lightfoot’s challengers jumped on the incident, denouncing it as inappropriate and unethical.

On Tuesday morning, dissident Brandon Johnson said, “Chicago residents are sick and tired of politicians’ constant obsession with corruption.”

Johnson is supported by the Chicago Teachers Union, which has a strained relationship with the mayor.

The CTU Vice President is calling for accountability.

“I know the mayor has been recruiting students, teachers, and principals to volunteer for the campaign for months, and doing it repeatedly. I don’t understand how it’s wrong for what I’ve been told,” said the CTU VP. Jackson Potter said.

The City’s Ethics Code prohibits elected officials from using City resources and information for political purposes.

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The mayor accused the election staff of making a mistake.

On Monday, she commented on the ethics committee’s involvement.

“We will cooperate with any investigation, we said we would, and I am sure any investigator would find this to be a mistake and not of intent.” Lightfoot said.

Five weeks after election day, the mayor is pushing the number of votes collected by her own campaign between Jan. 18 and 22, showing her leading with 25% of the votes. increase.

Paul Vallas is second and Jesus “Chui” Garcia is third.

Regarding Lightfoot’s campaign complaints, the ethics committee said it will release more information on its website and Twitter feed on Tuesday.


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