Chicago: A Chicago cop on vacation has been charged with urinating in an ice machine at a Florida beach bar


A Chicago police officer on vacation in Florida has been charged with two misdemeanors for urinating in a beach bar ice machine on Monday.

Henry Capouch, 30, uses a simple battery and Jimmy B’s Beach Bar He told the police that he had “discovered” [sic] defendant [sic] At approximately 12:32 a.m., the Pinellas County sheriff’s deputy wrote in Capouch’s affidavit of arrest:

The bar is located at the Beachcomber Resort Hotel in St. Pete Beach.

Beachside scene with David Capouch and Jimmy B’s. | | Smoking Gun; Beachcomber Florida

According to reports, a bar employee told police he asked Capouch to stop smearing the ice, but CPD officers “began verbally cursing the victim and pushed him with both hands ‘several times’. ”.

Capouch also pushed a security guard who saw the incident, the report said.

When the sheriff’s deputy was spotted lounging on the sand with his girlfriend, the five-year Chicago police veteran “aggressively resisted, initially resisting lawful orders while in custody.” did not comply,” the complaint states.

According to sheriff’s office records, Capouch posted bail totaling $650 to get out of prison.

smoking gun report first Kapush’s arrest.

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