Charges Filed in Death of Florida Woman Killed by Alleged Street Racer in Chicago


An indictment was filed last summer after two women accused of participating in an illegal street race in Chicago’s Lawn district beat a woman to death.

Aaron Guerrero, 27, and Noe Garcia, 36, have been charged with aggravating street racing in the August 28 death of 40-year-old showman Meireith.

Police said the two were traveling at over 100 mph. During the crash, Guerrero allegedly hit Mayraith as it crossed a street near Midway Airport.

Prosecutors allege that the two were driving in and out of traffic at high speed, with Guerrero colliding with a car that was turning at a nearby intersection and then Mayleys.

Andrew Pricing, who still mourns the loss of a friend last summer, says the new indictment will bring a bit of closure.

“This has been very difficult to deal with for months,” he said. “I am very pleased that some justice has been served and police are charging the perpetrators with murder.”

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Guerrero told police at the scene that he was fleeing the carjacking, but eyewitness reports contradicted his interview responses.

Police said Garcia drove slowly but continued to walk away from the scene after the car hit.

Mayreith’s family has not commented on the just-released accusations in her death. Preissing, who considered Meires like her family, said to the driver accused of killing her:

“Everyone, I really hope that you can find Jesus during this time and recover from something as bad as what caused this woman’s death. I hope you can find peace.

Neither man has a criminal record, but Guerrero has had three previous suspensions for speeding, according to prosecutors. Garcia’s assurance hearing is set for February 27.


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Written by Natalia Chi

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