Catholic nun who ran Misericordia for decades receives prestigious award from Notre Dame Cathedral


A Catholic nun who for decades led the Misericordia, a northern home for people with developmental disabilities, to receive one of the most prestigious awards given to Catholics in America. was selected as

Sister Rosemary Connelly will be awarded the Laatre Medal at the University of Notre Dame’s 2023 Commencement Ceremony.

Connelly joined Misericordia in 1969 as executive director and realized that there was no educational program for six-year-olds, so he changed that.

She contacted an expert to help develop a program, but was told that no such thing existed. There she created educational programs and programs for self-help skills, speech, physical therapy, and recreational activities.

Connelly also spearheaded the move of Misericordia from the South Side to its current 37-acre campus in Rogers Park. Here, more than 1,200 members of staff and thousands of volunteers serve more than 600 child and adult residents.

Outreach programs are helping more than 140 additional families.

Misericordia is considered the benchmark for compassionate care.

“Sister Rosemary, through her inherent tenacity, grace and genius, has enabled the inhabitants of Misericordia to enjoy the quality and opportunity of life as wonderful children of God.” “We are impressed with her vision, leadership and her compassion and are honored to award her with her Medal of Honor.”

Connery said God had spoiled her by surrounding her with people of good will.

“I always felt that God was with me and that God really took care of me. He always made sure the right person was in the right place at the right time. “And I don’t think it’s an accident. The Lord has given me more grace than anything else. So I know that there is a misericordia.” Thank God, it’s a place where children are respected and loved, and the staff are dedicated to them.”

A native of Chicago, Connery was one of six children born to Irish immigrant parents.

Now 92, she recently became chairman of the board of directors of the Misericordia Foundation, which focuses on fundraising efforts.

“What drives me? I think I’m surrounded by great people, including the staff, especially the people who live here,” Connery said. “They demand the best from us. They love them. They live beautifully. And they can be models for all of us.”


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