Caroline of Monaco destroyed for her son Andrea: the announcement just arrived


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Beautiful as an angel, hypersensitive and with a tormented soul: Andrea Casiraghi, eldest son of Carolina of Monaco, just turned 38, is a unique case of its kind: let’s find out together why.

On June 8, Andrea Casiraghi turned 38, but the event went almost unnoticed in traditional media as well as in gossip magazines. The eldest son of Stefano Casiraghi and Carolina di Monaco has always dispelled the commonplaces of the Court. From an early age he bears on his face the signs of an inner torment – linked above all to the death of his father – which he could not (nor wanted) to leave behind. With his innate charm, princely bearing and angelic appearance, at just 24 years old, in 2008, he was included by Forbes magazine among the 10 most fascinating royals in the world. But today he is another person.

The incredible story of Andrea Casiraghi

A bit like his sister Charlotte, Andrea Casiraghi is rather intolerant of court life and the air one breathes in the Principality. It is no coincidence that he has long ago decided to leave Palazzo Grimaldi to settle with his wife Tatiana and their children Sacha, India and Maximilian in London. The prince and the Colombian model met in 2006 during an outing between friends and family, also present Charlotte. In fact, Tatiana was a friend of Andrea’s sister and their meeting was marked by fate.

Since that moment the two have never left and in these 16 years they have built a beautiful family. But they are very jealous of their privacy and tend not to reveal any details of their history, with a few exceptions. In the past, for example, Tatiana has revealed that she loves being with her children and that becoming her mother enriched and complemented her as a woman. Yet she, despite her rich heritage, she never stopped working one day, with some due brackets for the pregnancies and the education of her children. Carolina’s son, on the other hand, has another philosophy of life: at work he prefers the slow and mild rhythms of Brazil and Rio de Janeiro.

As soon as he gets the chance, Andrea escapes from the hectic pace of London to regenerate himself in the holiday atmosphere of South America, including cigarettes, beer, skate rides and cocktails overlooking the sea. With many greetings to the stale court rituals. Traditionalist in love, therefore, but subversive in the family. And yet serious, faithful in friendship, romantic in love and protective with younger siblings. A personality so strong, complex and multifaceted that he made all of Monte Carlo (and beyond) put gray hair a little …


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