Cardinal Cupich’s response to clergy sexual abuse report disappointing


I am deeply saddened to see Cardinal Blas Kupich’s statement and reaction to the Illinois Attorney General’s report on sexual abuse of clergymen. Being a Catholic, I found it overly defensive and tone deaf at times. With a defensive tone, push the back of the church. Its history in Chicago and around the world is nothing to be proud of or to gloat over its progress.

For example, he wrote:

“Attorney General Raul said churches are worth investigating because they are credible religious institutions. , believes that all children have the right to protection.It is neither fair nor wise to focus solely on the Catholic Church, which has made the greatest progress in this field.”

When you have a ton of problems to solve, of course you’ve made great progress. However, the latter does not mean that investigations and further work are not warranted.

Dan Cotter, Forrest Glenn

Bears playpen for millionaires

I applaud the Bears for wanting to involve the public to pay for the new stadium, but they are targeting the wrong segment of the public. It’s going to be the new luxury playpen for billionaires, owned by billionaires, so sell your stake and prioritize shareholders in ticket sales like other big companies are doing.

Lester Lindley, Frankfort

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The name of the new “Wienermobile” is BOLOGNA

So, after 87 years, Oscar Mayer changed the name of the “Winnermobile” to “Frankmobile”? Nothing is sacred?! Try singing this. “Oh, I wish I was Oscar Mayer Wiener, that’s what I really want to be.”

Let’s be frank. No one will be happy with this change.

Dan McGuire, Bensenville

Advice to Republicans before it’s too late

If some Republican lawmakers are serious about overthrowing former President Donald Trump in the 2024 primary, there’s only one thing left to do: pick one person to challenge him. Make a thorough backup.

It’s all a numbers game. If Trump’s support base accounts for 35% to 40% of the electorate, it will be impossible for a group of candidates split between the remaining 60% and 65% to oust him. However, 35-40% is very winnable in one-on-one duels. I say to Republicans. Give the party viable options so it can get back on its feet before it’s too late.

John Farrell, DeKalb

Will voters buy DeSantis?

The American voters, whom I have trusted so much, have let me down many times in recent years. So I’m waiting to see if they buy someone like Ron DeSantis. In his candidacy video, he says, “In Florida…we chose education over indoctrination,” while always governing the bottom five states. Ranking of education spending per student.

Florida is near the bottom in teacher salaries. When teachers leave Alabama in search of more money, they know there is a problem.

It is reassuring to know that there are limits to how far politicians can say one thing and openly do another without losing votes.

Kurt Fredrickson, Mokena


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