Burger King pays nearly $8 million to customers who slip and fall


A Florida court has ordered a Burger King franchise to pay nearly $8 million to a customer who allegedly injured his back after slipping in a restaurant.

Richard Turecki, 48, suffered “severe injuries” in 2019 after slipping and falling on a “wet object” inside a Burger King bathroom in Hollywood, Florida, court documents show. These injuries required surgery, which left Turecki with a hole in his colon after the operation, the law firm Ginnis & Klaten representing Turecki said in an article. . statement.

A jury earlier this month sided with Turecki and awarded $7.81 million in damages, including $3.35 million in lost profits and $700,000 in medical bills. The court then reduced the amount to $7.68 million to account for medical expenses already covered by Turecki’s insurance.

As a result of the injury, Turecki was forced to quit his job, hurting him both financially and emotionally. His attorney told CBS MoneyWatch that his work “was a major part of his identity.”

The settlement will help pay medical bills for Turecki’s back injury, they added.

Attorneys H. Ross Zelnick (left) and Miguel A. Amador (left) of Ginnis & Klaten, Pennsylvania, accompany Richard Turecki and his wife.

Ginnis & Klatten, Pennsylvania

The franchise operator, Seven Restaurants, said Mr. Turecki’s lawyers “provided virtually no evidence” that restaurant management had been informed of the slippery condition of the bathroom floor. filed a retrial. Seven Restaurants and Burger King were not immediately available for comment.

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