Bulls point guard Ayo Dosunmu needs to find a way to come back offensively


I ran out of time to play Ayodo Sunmu Since the Bulls added a veteran point guard Patrick Beverlyso his numbers were expected to decline.

But there’s no question that the former Morgan Park standout is trying to find his way on the offensive side.

“I’ve seen a little bit of this with young players who have just played in Sacramento. Domantas [Sabonis],”coach Billy Donovan said on Saturday. “He started his rookie year really well in basketball shooting. He leveled off and people started to feel better about him. He’s an All-Star and has progressed incredibly well with the work he put in.”

Sabonis was also the 11th overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft. Dosunmu was his second round and overall he finished 38th.

After a brilliant rookie season, there are some nights where he’s starting to look like that.

“I think so [for Ayo] More tapes, more videos, people getting used to him, getting to know him, how they protect him. Coby [White]i saw it Patrick [Williams]There is always that point and time when they take off. Then they came back to Earth, where people probably understood them, saw different things, and are now protected in a different way.

“Ayo has always been very competitive on defense. His defense is better than it was a year ago, but clearly his offense is trying to figure out some of them. He’s experienced it. I think he has to find himself on the other side.”

Dosunmu’s 3-point shots always make sense. It has also been fully manifested. Where Donovan hopes to improve is decision-making on offense.

Some feel like it comes with experience, but Donovan wants his younger guard to make quicker decisions, especially on the Bulls’ offense.

“Make quick decisions about closeouts…when to shoot, when to pass, when to drive, all sorts of things,” Donovan said. “The more he’s out there, the better he’ll get.”

not ready yet

Possibility of Javonte Green I wasn’t ready to face the Heat on Saturday.

Slim felt pain in his right knee again when the forward showed up at the Advocate Center when he checked out Saturday morning.

It wasn’t a setback, but the timetable changed a bit, especially after Green had a full-contact practice on Friday.

“He’s on the right track,” Donovan said. “There’s no question. There aren’t many matches left, so there’s always a line that medical personnel are against where they don’t want to push him too hard.” So he certainly has to show improvement.”

Donovan hopes Green will be back by next weekend.

in his bag

veteran demar derozan His 3-point volume suddenly increased last month.

DeRozan averaged about 1.5 3-point attempts for most of the season, but has nearly doubled since March to 2.9 attempts. He connects at his 50%.

“DeMar has always been a good three-point shooter,” Donovan said. “He’s picky about what he takes. I like it when he shoots the ball. When he gets a catch-and-shoot chance, it’s good for us.”


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