Bulls’ Patrick Beverly continues to make opponents feel ‘overwhelmingly soft’


LOS ANGELES — Security guard Patrick Beverley was talking about tools.

He just helped the Bulls to a 118-108 victory over the Lakers on Sunday, and the former Marshall standout and former Lakers jumped into the silverware trope.

“If I were a spoon, [coach] billy [Donovan] They use me like a spoon,” Beverly said. “The Lakers used me as a spoon and they used me as a fork. [to the Magic at the deadline], and I don’t want to let the city down, Billy, my players, and this coaching staff… I just don’t want to let them down. I’m here to try and play right.”

But here it is about the spoon. They also stir the pot, but few are as good at it as Beverly.

That was evident the moment the Bulls arrived in Los Angeles, appearing on Beverly’s social media accounts (or, as Donovan called it, his “snapface”) in his SUV, surrounded by a roll of Charmin. It started with a photo.

Yes, it’s “squeeze soft” toilet paper.

Did he say the Lakers were soft? Was he specific and said that Lakers big man and fellow Chicago native Anthony Davis was soft?

The two reportedly didn’t always see eye to eye when Beverly was with the Lakers in the first half of the season, and Davis told a local reporter about Beverly’s declared revenge this weekend: rice field. he can try . . see you on Sunday. “

Scoring 10 points and going 4-for-7 from the field, Beverly loves to downplay mind games, and “Charmingate” was no exception.

“I didn’t want to close the window because I got paid a lot of money to post it, but I was late posting it,” Beverly said. “Good timing, bad timing, no matter what [expletive]I’m not trying to troll anyone. I am here as a basketball player. I’ll let you guys do it all.

“I’m sure Charmin enjoyed this a lot.”

Lakers star LeBron James returned from a right foot injury that cost him 13 games, but clearly didn’t enjoy his experience at Beverly. After hitting the hook, Beverly even gestured “too little” to him.

“I would do that to anyone,” said Beverly. “Just have fun and immerse yourself in the game. We’re not construction workers. We’re not people who have to wake up at 4 in the morning. We’re professional basketball players. It’s all about having fun.”

And since Beverly joined the Bulls (36-38), it’s all about winning games. Donovan’s team has won 10 of his 15 games Beverly has played, and the team is playing their best basketball this season at just the right time.

Zach LaVine scored 32 and shot 13-19 from the field, and while the bench was impressive with 48 points, Beverly’s impact on the Bulls cannot be ignored. This was the same team that blew the lead and failed to cope with adversity all season.

“Who on earth [Beverley] Period, the aura he brings as a competitor, very vocal, knowledge of the game… small things go a long way,” said forward DeMar DeRozan.

“It’s a long road and you have to feed it. He will always hold everyone accountable.”

The Bulls and Beverly didn’t stop in Los Angeles either. On Monday, they will face another team, the Clippers, who have moved on from Beverly.


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Written by Natalia Chi

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