Bulls continue season of two steps forward, one step back


Bulls continue season of ups and downs with bad loss originally appeared nbc sports chicago

Indianapolis — every time chicago bulls Seemingly making progress, they trip things up with tremendous losses.

The latest example is Tuesday night, when the Bulls blew a near-perfect first half to take a 21-point lead, playing without Tyrese Halliburton and losing to the Indiana Pacers team, who are on a seven-game losing streak.

“It sucked because we were in control,” said Zach LaVine. it won’t.”

I hope LaVine meant that because the Bulls had a 21-point lead, not because of the Pacers’ shorthanded status. , and has repeatedly proved that the margin of error is very small.

After limiting the Pacers to 46 points on 32.7% shooting in the first half, the Bulls won the second half a staggering 70-48, allowing 53.2% shooting. TJ McConnell may still be driving smoothly to the rim.

The Bulls committed 9 of 16 turnovers in the second half, and the Pacers were able to score 24 points from those mistakes. The Pacers were able to post 19 second-chance points.

In short, the ugly list was long. Especially since the Bulls had the opportunity to record his four-game winning streak for the first time in the season and overtake the Pacers in his ranking of play-ins.

Coach Billy Donovan referenced the fact that the Bulls have made it a habit at halftime for the Pacers to recover from a double-digit deficit this season.

Does it make what happened in the last 24 minutes better or worse?

“You have to love being in that situation and struggling. “It’s not one athlete or one thing. There are a lot of things that can seem overwhelming when the intensity level is like this. It’s like that.

“I like this group. We have a high character group. not.”

Expectations for the rest of the game probably shouldn’t be too high if the Bulls are still talking about needing to compete harder at this stage of the season. and often captured DeMar DeRozan.

And the bull simply withered.

“They were really offensive. “And when we did a pretty good job defensively, we gave up so many second-chance opportunities.

This is terrible.

So is the fact that the Pacers tried to wrest the ball out of DeRozan’s hands in the second half. DeRozan was too gifted as a scorer, in the final period he had yet to record 11 of his 33 points and he had 0 turnovers. But he didn’t force matters when the trap happened just past half court.

“A lot of times DeMar has been in situations where he’s trying to wrestle two or three guys to open up. It’s not sustainable,” Donovan said. “DeMar is a great competitor and is trying to do everything he can to win the ball, but he has to deal with multiple players and be able to attack and play.”

Instead, LaVine made 4 of 6 turnovers in the final period. The usually surefire Alex Caruso had two more.

Throughout the season, the players have maintained the belief that they are a good team. Victories against Eastern his conference elite like the Celtics and Bucks further spurred that conviction.

But with each additional contraction loss, how long will it take before the players run out of that conviction or the Bulls run out of time? Are we continuing to operate believing that we are not planning any major moves ahead of the trade deadline?

“I’m always trying to figure out where I’m at,” DeRozan said, reiterating he doesn’t get involved in front-office operations. “If you give me a tricycle, I’ll figure out where I need to go.”

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