British mother goes missing


Specialist divers were searching the riverbed on Monday for any traces of the missing woman. the police said.

Family and friends of 45-year-old Nicola Bray are questioning police theories that she fell into the river in a tragic accident. I’m saying.

Nicola Brie

lancashire police

The mortgage adviser was last seen 10 days ago in the northwest village of St. Michaels on the Isle of Wyre, walking his dog along the riverbank after dropping off his two young daughters to school as usual. was

Soon after, her dog was found running around “in an agitated state,” prompting the public to raise the alarm.

With her mysterious disappearance making headlines, police Friday said they were working on the hypothesis that Bree had slipped into the water.

“Thus, our main working hypothesis is that Nikola sadly fell into the river, there was no third party or criminal involvement, this is not suspicious, and the missing person’s tragic It means that it is an incident.The police are leading the investigation.

Bulley partner Paul Ansell statement through the police .

The towpath runs along a steep riverbank, but the family notes that there are no footprints or mud scrapes to indicate she fell.

Her parents are worried that Bree has been kidnapped.

The father, Ernest, 73, said last week that there was no evidence that his daughter had fallen into the river and he feared someone had “caught her”.

“I have two young children who are waiting for their mother to come back,” he said.

Brie’s sister, Louise Cunningham, added, “Someone must know something. People don’t just disappear into the air.”

Police divers say they searched the river but found no sign of the missing woman.

A specialized underwater rescue team joined the search on Monday.

Forensic expert Peter Faulding, chief executive of Specialist Group International, said the high-tech sonar his company uses can see “every stick and stone lying on the river bed.” said.

He said the search would allow police to confirm or deny “whether Nicola is actually in this river.”

Specialist Group International posted images to Facebook of a search involving divers, drones and helicopters.

Today we join the Lancashire Police to continue the search for Nicola Brie. Today most of the river was searched…

Contributor Specialist Group International – SGI upon Monday, February 6, 2023

“Our search will continue tomorrow to bring some form of closure to Nicola’s family,” the company wrote. [are] With Nicola’s family and friends during this very difficult time. ”

friend Emma White told the BBC Uncertainty has been especially difficult for families.

“Following the police hypothesis that Nicola was in the river, we need evidence to support it either way,” she said.

In November, Bulley, who frequently documented her walks on social media, wrote on her Facebook page about where she was last seen.

“A very foggy and cold walk,” she wrote, adding that the area was “spooky.”

Supt Detective Rebecca Smith said The team working on the investigation is “fully dedicated and determined to find Nicola”.

“As a mother myself, I can’t even imagine what her two children are going through,” Smith said.

Nicola Brie

lancashire police


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