Briatore on the cost of pizza in his restaurant: “We are already booked until the end of June”


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Flavio Briatore has no doubts, his restaurant’s pizza is the best. It will be like this or not, but for some people the pizza at Crazy Pizza costs too much. The entrepreneur responds to those who criticize, sure it’s just envy but also adds the price of pizza margherita. Crazy Pizza di Briatore is in Rome, London, Milan, Monte Carlo, a chain that brings many customers and there are already reservations in the capital’s restaurant until the end of June. You have to wait weeks to eat a pizza in Flavio Briatore’s restaurant, but he thinks it’s worth it and not just for the goodness of the product. It is at Adnkronos that the entrepreneur explains his point of view, who adds how much a margherita pizza costs and that the bill can go up or down based on other choices.

Flavio Briatore defends his pizza

For Elisabetta Gregoraci’s ex-husband, the controversy over pizza arises out of the envy of those who can’t stand the success of others. He is satisfied with the customer’s response and this is enough for him. His clubs are a success, for him everything else is cheap, it’s hot air.

Is the Crazy Pizza menu for everyone? He has no doubts, he is for everyone, because if a margherita costs 15 dolars, it is up to the customer to choose whether to drink water and coke or an expensive wine. “Everyone can spend a little or a lot. It depends on what he gets because we are the possibility for people to drink important wines, even eating a pizza, but there is a menu, there are all the prices and everyone gets what they want. If you take a Sassicaia the price goes up, if you take a mineral water or a light coke the price is obviously different. There is a varied menu option that allows you to choose and the prices are absolutely normal. I think margherita pizza costs 14-15 dolars as well as a series of salads ”.

For Briatore, the compliments of those who ate his pizza count: “Everyone believes that the pizza is the best they have ever eaten, because it is a pizza without yeast, because the products used are the best”. Even the best, with the best products.


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