Brave mom lies to son to make him smile before he dies: ‘I told him he was cured of cancer’

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Losing a child leaves a hole in the parent’s heart. Yet “life goes on,” as he claims Ghewan Arja both in his videos TikTok than in an interview with the Australian television network 7News. “If my son fought for his life, how dare I give up mine?“, added the 41-year-old from Sydney (Australia) referring to one of the most painful days. Which? The one where she lied to his 10 year old son to see him smile in the last days of life.

Omar was diagnosed with a un in July 2021 non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) – a cancer of the lymphatic system – and after several chemotherapies and 18 surgeries, the January 14, 2022 passed away in his home, surrounded by family. His story has only gone viral now with a video uploaded to TikTok by Arja which in a short time has reached over 49 million views. “One of the worst days of my life. Lie to him“, he wrote in the caption. In fact, the Australian mother, in order not to let the happiness in the child’s eyes fade, told him that he was cured: “I told him that the treatment had gone well and that it was finally all over and he could ring the victory bell”. She then asked her, indirectly addressing herself and the users: “How do you tell your child that he is going home to spend his last days with his family? You simply can’t. Do what you can to protect your child.” Thus, energetic and with a triumphant air, amidst the applause and affection of nurses and doctors – who were keeping up with his mother – Omar rang the bell before saying goodbye to the hospital. The clip garnered hundreds of comments of closeness and support: “No, honey. You did exactly what a mom should do. You let him ring all the bells,” one user wrote. It’s still: “A pain that no one would ever want to feel“. There were also those who didn’t take the gesture well: “Then you can’t lie to him. Why give him hope?”.

But Omar it wasn’t the first child that Arja and her husband have lost. Before him two other children: Aisha, 4 years old, died in 2009 from a rare genetic condition called Niemann Pick Type C – causes an excess of accumulation of cholesterol in the tissues including that of celebrating – and Mohamed, who passed away only two weeks after a diagnosis of brain tumor. Now she has only two children left, one 16 and the other 8 years old.

@gewaarja Doctors “Aren’t You Going To Tell Him” Parent “Nooooo Way” What was I supposed to tell him that the treatment he had done that caused him to have multiple surgeries didn’t work and he has to go home until he passes ???????????? You Say what you have to say to protect your child ???????????? #storytime #fyp ♬ original sound – ????

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