Body found in Chicago days after funeral home van stolen


Police find missing body in stolen funeral home van

Police find missing body in stolen funeral home van


The man’s body was found in the van stolen from the funeral home the day after it was stolen. CBS Chicago’s Jermont Terry and Andrew Ramos report.

The van was stolen last weekend from a funeral home in Rockford, northwest of Chicago, Illinois. The van was found on Sunday and the body was found on Monday.

It’s unclear how the van was stolen or who left the 47-year-old’s body in Chicago.

An anonymous 911 call took Chicago police down an alley after they thought someone had found a dead body on the street.

Police search for man who stole funeral home van containing corpses


The police presence in the Chicago area caught the attention of neighbors, and more first responders arrived.

“Ambulances, fire trucks, and I was like, ‘Oh, what’s going on? Let me do what I always do. Get on the porch and pay attention. Try to figure it out.’ “And after that I was just like, ‘Wow. They put out the bureaucracy. Let me go home.'”

Crime scene red tape surrounded several abandoned homes on the block. The investigation extends to Rockford.

Police there said a van was stolen Saturday afternoon from the Collins & Stone Funeral Home. A man’s body was found in a body bag in the cargo hold.

It is not clear whether the thieves knew the bodies were there.

Rockford police said the van was found Sunday night in Chicago, 97 miles from the funeral home.

The body was found at 4:29 p.m. Monday, police said.

It remained unclear late Monday whether the deceased man’s family had been notified and what steps, if any, had been taken.

Rockford Police have released surveillance images of the suspect wearing a black hoodie, black pants and gloves.

He is wanted not only for stealing a car, but for abusing a body by moving it without permission.

Meanwhile, CBS Chicago says the bodies were not bagged, they were simply dumped.

CBS Chicago reached out to the Rockford funeral home, but it never reached the station.

Another open question was whether the van was running when it was stolen.


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