Blockbuster’s website is active and fans are speculating about the comeback. How is your company doing?


This week, kids of the ’80s and ’90s were delighted to discover that a blast from the past could be creeping into the zeitgeist, Blockbuster. The outdated but still beloved movie rental retailer, which closed most of its operations in 2014, still operates a website. Some fans believe it’s proof that the company is making a comeback.

In a tweet earlier this month, the company joked about reopening.

The tweet was a joke, but three days later, Twitter users noticed Blockbuster’s website was active again. Homepage message: “We are working on rewinding your movie.”

After a handful of people tweeted that they found the website active, nostalgic Blockbuster fans shared their theories about the website and their memories of choosing movies and video games with family and friends.

“Some of my favorite childhood memories are going to Blockbuster on Friday nights.” one tweeted.

“Are the hit websites alive?? I will cry if they come back in some way” another tweet.

One person He said Blockbuster’s comeback would be “epic.” “Seeing the return of the Blockbuster chain brings back memories. On Friday night after junior high school, my cousin and I rushed into the store to rent movies and video games at @SEGA and that was me. It was our weekend party!!” they tweeted.

Blockbuster’s website is active with a simple message: “We are working on rewinding your movie.” It is unclear how long the website has been active, but the video rental company ceased operations in 2014.


Blockbuster was a mainstay for many families in the 80s and 90s, but on-demand movie options that let you rent at the click of a button began to gain popularity. The brick-and-mortar film retailer was pattered, Blockbuster announced in 2014 Plans to close about 300 remaining stores in the US

The company was trying to adapt to the changing movie rental landscape. Like in the early days of Netflix, Blockbuster mailed rental DVDs to your home so you didn’t have to drive to the store. But Netflix has shifted to streaming and Blockbuster has chosen not to. This was a business decision that would ultimately lead to their downfall.

The Blockbuster brand was sold to satellite television company DISH in 2011 for $320 million. according to varietyThey own the license rights and created Blockbuster On Demand. This is a library of thousands of movies available as a standalone app to DISH customers. The app is no longer available.

In 2021, the Blockbuster Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) was created with the goal of acquiring Blockbuster from DISH. A DAO is an organization without a central governing body, unlike a corporation, which is headed by a management team or board of directors. They usually use cryptocurrencies in their transactions.

Blockbuster DAO (later renamed Rewind) had a goal of raising $5 million to buy the brand from DISH.

“The Blockbuster brand is not only nostalgic, it is a historical landmark in the history of cinema,” DAO’s account tweeted in December 2021. You can make dynamic business decisions. ”

The DAO said it has several options after the company is acquired, including creating an NFT presence, a streaming platform and distributing the film to cinemas.

Rewind, a video platform for creators, said it had 13 meetings with DISH about the acquisition. “Unfortunately, the idea to acquire the Blockbuster brand outright was quickly scrapped. We believed it was worth more than it could be procured.” The DAO said in a release on its website.

CBS News has reached out to Rewind and DISH for comment and is awaiting a response.

It’s unclear when Blockbuster’s website was activated or updated, and Blockbuster has no active publicity emails, but CBS News reached out to the last Blockbuster location in Bend, Oregon to confirm they have I asked for any possible insight.

The final blockbuster was the focus of a 2020 documentary that explained the company’s downfall and the survival of the Bend location.


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