Blackhawks’ Seth and Caleb Jones Build More Chemistry as First Pairing Partners


Tempe, Arizona — The brothers spent their first year and a half together with the Blackhawks Seth Jones and Caleb Jones We spent very little time together as defensive partners.

But when everything changed Jake McCabe traded. Since late February, the two defensemen have steadily served as the Hawks’ starting pair, with considerable success.

“We knew it was going to happen [eventually]’ said Seth. “I don’t think it was planned, but there’s obviously a deal going on. We’ve done some shifts together. [in the past]…but it’s great to stretch to develop your chemistry. “

Caleb added: He’s clearly a good defenseman. He makes the game easier for everyone he plays with. We read each other and develop our chemistry. ”

They entered Saturday’s match against the Coyotes and went 5-5 this season with an expected goal percentage of 50.8% in 190 minutes. The Hawks outscored their opponents 9-7 in those minutes.

hawk scorch Luke Richardson He cited the play he made against the Predators in the first shift of Thursday’s third period as an example of how well they work together.

The Predators attempted a defensive zone breakout, but Seth cut through the ice to remove the puck. Matt Duchen with the blue line while Caleb backs him up. From his angle of the overhead camera, Richardson saw the Predator with nowhere to go. The Hawks quickly turned the puck in the opposite direction, creating a scoring chance.

“It’s a really good play because you can surprise the forwards coming from that side,” Caleb said. “I’ve done it a few times. He just does the same thing where he falls down. good. “

Moments like that show an increasing level of comfort for each other. Even though they are blood relatives, there are some things that can only be learned by playing games together.

“I saw them talking [Friday] On the ice before practicing just the little things,” Richardson said. “[Seth] “Oh yeah, I knew you were there. I meant to go here.”

“They obviously have a stronger bond than most people, but that’s starting to show in their game. They enjoy it. Why don’t you enjoy it? It’s It’s fun, not many families have the opportunity to play together in the world’s top leagues.”

ceremonial seth

and Jonathan Towes Absence and Patrick Kane Gone, Seth became a Hawks participant in every ceremonial pack drop—a duty usually performed by the captain.

On the street, it’s more of a chore than anything else. That opportunity rarely matters to Jones or the Hawks.

On Feb. 27 in Anaheim, Seth was part of the Dax’s “Angels Night” theme and performed with former Angels pitchers. Chuck Finley and Jim Abbott drop the pack.Seth met former Buccaneers cornerback in Tampa last weekend Rondo Barber, dropped the puck to honor his Hall of Fame selection. And on Saturday in Arizona, Seth was scheduled to represent the Hawks in a pregame ceremony recognizing the designer of the Coyote fashion line.

The team representative will inform him in advance. He rolled his eyes slightly on Friday when he was told about Saturday’s plans.

“You can’t win a draw away, so let the home man win,” he said. “[Then you] wave hands [and it’s] Game Start. “


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