ST. LOUIS – Everyone has a go-to grocery store, and for those who live in Chicago, preferences might look a little different based on your home state.

The Daily Meal, an online food and drink publication, recently released a list naming “The best grocery store in every state.” It includes a mix of local grocers and national chains.

Selections are ultimately based on four criteria: Stock, innovation, value, and contribution to the community. Not everyone who shops for groceries values all four, but generally speaking, they’re all important parts of the experience.

According to The Daily Meal list, Aldi was named the best grocery store in Illinois.

As for Aldi, the discount-grocery chain has quite a large presence in Illinois with more than 200 locations. Writers tout their organic fruit and vegetable choices, plus say they have a generous return policy in the case of spoiled food.

“Of course, in many instances, a great supermarket chain has locations in many states. In order to give the smaller, more homegrown chains their fair shake, each chain only appears on our list once,” said The Daily Meal in organizing the rankings.

Convenience stores, delis, farmers markets, and technology-based shops were not considered in each state’s rankings.