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Former English champion David Beckham has revealed unpublished details about him. Curiosities that left his followers speechless.

David Beckham is one of the best-known former English footballers in the world. Manchester United legend, after the Red Devils he wore the shirts of Real Madrid, Milan and Los Angeles Galaxy. He hung up his shoes and he turned to entrepreneurship, without however abandoning the world of football.

David Beckham (web photo)

Becks he is in fact the president of Inter Miami, a militant club in the American MLS, and co-owner of Salford City, a team from the English fourth division. In his career he has been one of the highest paid footballers in the world and in addition to acting on the green rectangle he has also been the face of various marketing campaigns: from clothing companies and sports brands.

He has been married since 1999 to Victoria Adams, the famous singer of Spice Girls. And it was precisely the belonging of his wife to the musical group that led Beckham to receive the nickname of Spice Boy.

The couple have four children, three boys and one girl: Brooklyn Joseph, Romeo James, Cruz David and Harper Seven. The second son of the Englishman is trying to follow in his father’s footsteps and in 2021 he signed his first contract as a professional footballer with Fort Lauderdale CF, the American third division club and satellite company of Inter Miami owned by his father.

In a recent interview with his former teammate Gary Neville, Beckham shared several curiosities about his private life; also making a revelation about his own body.

David Beckham, the number of tattoos leaves fans speechless

During the program The Overlap on Sky Sports, David Beckham talked about his passion for tattoos by revealing the exact number of how many are on his body.

“I think I have 81. Yes, 81 tattoos. At least the single ones. The most important are those with my children’s names and obviously Victoria’s “ unveiled former English champion to Manchester United teammate Gary Neville.

David Beckham David Beckham (Web photo)

On the body of the Spice Boy there are tattoos of all kinds, but after a careful analysis you can understand the types that you prefer to draw on your body.

Beckham has often chosen words, such as family names, but also symbolic terms and long quotations. But the Englishman also has a passion for sacred images; from Christ of the Passion or Deposition to angels and cherubs but also symbols such as crosses.


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