Balneari, the government’s melina continues but there is the green light for the mapping of concessions

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The mapping of the seaside concession regimes begins. The cabinet in fact, it gave the green light to the decree that makes the procedure operational. The government he’s doing melina for not complying with the injunctions of European Union asking for concessions are not automatically renewed but are put out to tender with an impartial and transparent selection procedure. Mapping is essentially a way to take more time and avoid a big fine. That would be the damage beyond the insult given that between 2016 and 2020 the factories paid the State average fees of 101.7 million against a turnover of 15 billion of Euro. And that the prices of sunbeds and umbrellas continue to rise anyway.

An information system for detecting concessions of public goods will now be set up in the Treasury Ministry with an allocation of 2 million euros a year to open and manage it. The public administrations that own the assets under concession will therefore be required to communicate the datai, electronically. The idea is to complete the picture by September. The mapping will have to clarify whether the beaches are a “scarce” resource or not, a condition for the application of the European Bolkestein directive. The concessions were extended again with the milleproroghe decree of last February, also raising discontent at the Quirinale.

“Another coup by the government against the Italian beaches and coasts. While Italy continues to pay fines in Europe for not having applied the Bolkestein directive, also jeopardizing the installments of the PNRR, the government quietly approved a decree to start mapping the concessions, including precisely those discussed for the seaside resorts, with respect to which warnings from the EU and rejection were met of the State Council. A strategy by which the Meloni government wants to give the green light to new state concessions and privatize and cement the last free beaches without calling for tenders for existing concessions. Another coup de Mano”. So in a note the co-spokesman of Green Europe Angelo Bonelli. “Meloni can do the mapping of the beach concessions, perhaps to identify new areas to assign, but this activity it has nothing to do with the dutiful tendering of existing concessions, for which negligible fees are paid to the State. The point is not to find other areas to put out to tender, but to put out to tender the areas already granted which are on average the most valuable ones”. This was stated by the deputy of Più Europa Benedict DellaVedova.

“It is an extremely delicate moment – ​​he says Fabrizio Licordari, president of Assobalneari – but even if each of us is busy with the difficult management of the business Assobalneari Italia don’t let your guard down and maintains the position sustained in recent years: A correct application of the Bolkestein directive which passes, also as highlighted by the Court of Justice, from the verification whether the resource is scarce or still available as stated in article 12 of the directive itself”.

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