Back up all your projects and don’t lose your work with these essential backup solutions

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Videographers and content creators can spend days perfecting their work, and losing their data can be a disaster. Fortunately, efficient and reliable solutions exist today to save all of your data, easily share them, and keep your mind focused on carrying out your future projects.

How to react when your work of several weeks evaporates in less than a second? This is the anxiety that many content creators around the world may be feeling. They put their passion and talent at the service of their projects, and can spend endless time creating a video, developing a song or music, or creating an illustration.

IT is not perfect, and a problem can always arise at any time. Unexpected power outage, or complete computer crash, these unpredictable situations can wipe out entire days of hard work in one fell swoop. Unless you plan ahead.

Synology today offers content creators solutions that are as efficient as they are transparent for backing up their various files at any time, even the largest, but also for accessing them from any device and wherever you are.

Let’s find out how Synology devices and software can change the lives of content creators, and give them peace of mind while carrying out their various projects.

To save your documents and projects, a NAS is the most recommended solution

Content creators are used to working with large streams of data. Cameras and other production software have improved over the years, and today make it possible to design high-quality documents and projects. However, these files take up a lot of space on a simple hard drive or SSD. It is of course possible to use external drives, but juggling these different storage media requires foolproof organization. Also, it can be quite complicated to finalize your project outside – with a supplier or a customer – with these numerous disks to take along in addition to your equipment.

The DS1522+ is a compact server with 5 storage bays. © Synology

NAS (for Network Attached Storage) addresses all of these issues. These devices, which look like small computer towers, integrate one or more hard drives or SSD storage media within them. Thus, it is possible to benefit from a large storage capacity with several hard drive bays available, and no longer wonder about the remaining space on your computer as the weeks go by.

The Synology DS224+, for example, offers two hard drive bays and allows you to store all your files and work documents there, all in a device with very compact dimensions that is not even noticed once installed in your office. The brand also offers, with the Plus series 3.5″ SATA hard drive, a perfectly adapted support, designed for continuous operation and allowing the best reading and writing performance to be obtained, over several years of use.

Discover the Synology DS224+ NAS

The Synology DS1522+ offers five latest generation SATA hard drive and NVme M.2 SSD bays and thus meets the needs of professionals who want large storage capacity, but also immediate access to all of their documents and great speed in their daily tasks.

Discover the Synology DS1522+ NAS

The Synology DS224+ and DS1522+ NAS also allow you to obtain great security when storing your files. Many content creators might be tempted to save their data on online storage spaces, but these are not without risks.

Your documents and files can be corrupted and stolen if a team of hackers inadvertently manages to break into your service provider’s servers. In addition, this solution can prove costly over several years, with subscriptions potentially amounting to several hundred euros.

NAS addresses both of these issues. Thanks to them, your most valuable data stays with you and is safe. You can access it however you want, and from any device, without having to pay a monthly subscription.

Software solutions for quick and secure access to all your data

For perfect data management, it is not enough to have good hardware, but also a sufficiently efficient software suite. Synology understands this and offers with Synology Drive one of the best solutions for both synchronizing and making available all the files present on its NAS.

The software provides access to all of its working documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also takes care of the synchronization of all files in real time on all connected devices. If the software is available on both Windows and macOS operating systems, the publisher also offers versions for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Synology Drive is also completely securely accessible from any web browser, simply by entering your username and password.

Synchronization is fully configurable. You can request to keep local copies of your files on your devices, in order to access them instantly, or on the contrary keep them on the NAS for on-demand consultation, which saves disk space and bandwidth. You can also return to previous versions of your documents, with the automatic save function. Synology Drive keeps the most modified versions to save space.

A NAS like the DS224+ is really compact and will easily be forgotten on a desk corner. © Synology

Content creators do not work alone, but often in teams and Synology has integrated collaboration into its products. Synology Drive offers different synchronization solutions between different NAS, installed in several locations to automatically synchronize and save documents on several devices, all in a perfectly transparent manner.

For photographers or users who are passionate about images, Synology also offers a dedicated software service with Synology Photos. This application allows you to share your best photos with your colleagues and loved ones via a secure link. Choose only the photos and albums to transmit, and the service takes care of the rest. These photos are intelligently classified by the software, so you can rediscover your best shots, and easily find the photos that need to be included in your project. Let Synology Photos organize your library so you can focus only on your tasks and content in progress.

With Synology Photos, you can access your photos wherever you are, whenever you want. Plus, you know where your files are stored! © Clubic

Synology Photos also takes care of making automatic backups of your entire photo library, at a rate that you define in the application. Your photos, located in your Synology NAS, and available in their original resolution, are fully protected and remain with you.

So don’t wait any longer to protect your most important data with one of Synology’s essential backup solutions. Powerful, secure and versatile, they will allow you to work from any location while maintaining access to your most valuable work documents.

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