Audience boom for the Coppa Italia on Canale 5: over 40% of the share is flying


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Great evening for the fans but also for Mediaset that of 11 May 2022. A challenge, the one that saw Inter and Juventus take the field, full of emotions. A match that went into extra time after a 2-2 draw in the first ninety minutes and that kept over 8 million spectators glued to the TV. An evening to be framed for Canale 5 which, thanks to the Italian Cup final, brings home what will surely be the best result of the television season. Over 8 million viewers, more than 40% share. Numbers that are often seen when football is involved, more rarely on Canale 5 also due to the absence of great challenges in the Champions League, with the Italian protagonists.

8.7 million with 41.5% share: this is the sensational figure collected from the final of the Coppa Italia Frecciarossa which saw, on the evening of 11 May, the triumph of Inter who, in extra time, beat Juventus with the result of 4 to 2.

The ratings of 11 May 2022: what a bang Canale 5 with the Italian Cup final

For Canale 5 a truly magical evening: the final of Italian Cup Juventus-Inter he collected in front of the video 8,699,000 spectators equal to 41.5% share (pre and post game overall: 6,100,000 – 30%, in detail first half: 8,762,000 – 38.4%, second half: 8,851,000 – 41.4%, overtime: 8,417,000 – 46.9%).

Let’s see the other networks.

On Rai3 Who has seen? it collected 1,734,000 spectators in front of the video, equal to an 8.9% share. On Italia 1 – from 9.42 pm to 1.03 am – Hyenaswith Belen Rodriguez and Teo Mammucari, entertained 1,223,000 spectators (8%).

On Rai2 The Good Doctor it involved 981,000 spectators, equal to a 4.4% share. Following The Resident marks 651,000 spectators with 3.1%. . On Rete4 Countercurrent totaled an am of 602,000 spectators with a 3.7% share. On La7 Atlantis it recorded 354,000 spectators with a 2.4% share. On Tv8 Petra marks 276,000 spectators with 1.3%.


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