At the Brancaccio in Rome, “Samusà” is on stage, a fun-filled amusement park with Virginia Raffaele


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AGI – Virginia Raffaele is back more ironic and fun than ever with her “Samusà”a show staged yesterday at the Brancaccio Theater in Rome, super applauded by an enthusiastic audience made up of many colleagues and fans.

Virginia welcomed everyone to her very personal Luna Park, amidst memories and anecdotes of her life as a carousel’s daughter.

The Luna Park in question, needless to say, is the very famous one of the EUR in Romewhere Raffaele practically tells of being born.

© Masiar Pasquali

Virginia Raffaele

In her parents’ stand, where she shot herself at bottles, did her homework, met her girlfriends, and when she became a grown-up, she discovered her first loves.

She, who helped her parents by loading guns, called this show “Samusà” which in the jargon of the carouselers means “Make Silence”.

On stage Virginia Raffaele is alone, surrounded by three skilled jugglers who entertain the public between one change of scene and another.

In the backgroundthe song of cicadas in the trees of the Eur park, the voices of children, those children who literally went crazy with joy when it was time to enter the Luna Park and who swarmed happily as soon as the famous “green gates” opened. “Gates that were beautiful,” she remembers the actress.

Virginia Raffaele offers her masterful imitations to the public.

It starts with a wonderful one Patty Pravo who talks about her life, then there is Ornella Vanoni, Carla Fracci, Sabrina Ferilli, Bianca Berlinguer, to get to Giorgia Meloni.

There is no lack of satire and some digs to those who criticize the world of carousels.

We laugh heartily in these two hours of show, between the opera singer who has to finish the aria “L’amour est un oiseau rebelle”, of Carmen and fails in the enterprise due to a whole series of unexpected events, and the picturesque description of the aspiring “shooters” who showed up at the stand, subjects of all types and origins.

A show in one breath, a race between memories because, as the actress herself explained at the beginning of the show, “the park then closed, the rides ran away and now, now the attractions are me and you are the public. Everything we have become is as amazing as a ride on a roller coaster or a walk among the distorting mirrors.” The show is on stage at the Brancaccio until May 15th.


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