As pedestrian traffic deaths rise, artificial intelligence can improve road safety

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Pedestrian deaths in the United States are at highest level in 41 years. This highlights the urgency of innovative solutions, such as the key role of artificial intelligence and data analytics in redefining pedestrian safety.

Pedestrian safety is a multifaceted issue involving the interaction between humans, vehicles and the environment. Traditional traffic management systems have focused predominantly on vehicles, often neglecting the dangerous behavior of pedestrians.

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Artificial intelligence is making great strides in improving road safety. Machine learning and data analytics are shaping advanced traffic management systems that prioritize efficiency and pedestrian-centric safety.

  • Smart Crosswalks: AI enables smart crosswalks with sensors and cameras, monitoring pedestrian traffic and adjusting traffic signals for safe crossings. They can also detect dangerous pedestrian behavior, alerting drivers to potential dangers.
  • Intersection Management: AI algorithms analyze traffic data in real time to optimize intersections efficiently.
  • Traffic signal timing It can be adjusted based on pedestrian density, ensuring safe crossing times.
  • Pedestrian detection: AI-based object recognition and computer vision systems detect pedestrians, even in low-light conditions. They alert drivers to the presence of pedestrians and, in some cases, activate automatic braking in self-driving vehicles.

Data analytics complements artificial intelligence, providing insights through the collection and analysis of data that inform decision-making and security measures.

  • Crash analytics: Data analytics uncovers patterns and causes of pedestrian crashes, facilitating targeted interventions.
  • Traffic flow modeling: Analysis of traffic flow data optimizes signal timing and street design, ensuring smoother and safer pedestrian movements.
  • Real-time monitoring: IoT (Internet of Things) sensors and cameras offer real-time monitoring of pedestrian traffic, enabling immediate responses to safety risks.

Pedestrian safety is a shared responsibility. City planners, law enforcement, technology providers and individual drivers play a vital role in pedestrian well-being. The integration of artificial intelligence and data analytics into traffic management systems represents a significant step towards this shared goal.

As we develop AI-based solutions for pedestrian safety, collaboration and data sharing between stakeholders are essential. Effective communication between traffic management systems, connected vehicles and pedestrians is key to reducing accidents and saving lives.

Jamie Sullivan, VP of Business Development, Derq

Is hate just a right-wing problem?

Dan Mihalopoulos and Tom Schuba recently reported (“Police Prevent Chicago Cops from Joining Hate Groups, Civilian Oversight Board Approves”) that the Community Public Safety Commission approved a new policy that would prohibit officers from Chicago police to actively participate in “hate groups.” .”

Specifically, far-right groups known as the Oath Keepers, Proud Boys and Three Percenters were mentioned in their report. I found it interesting that nowhere in this report is there any mention of far-left extremist groups that have fomented not only hatred but also violence, looting and arson. Groups like antifa and some factions of Black Lives Matter have been particularly egregious in this regard.

I am sure that many of my fellow taxpayers would be interested to know whether this policy also extends to membership of such groups. Or is hate just a right-wing problem?

William J. Desmond, Beverly

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