Are Claudio Baglioni and Virginia Raffaele together? The thesis on the singer’s new love explodes


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Claudio Baglioni he does not know what the avenue of the sunset is: at the age of 71 the singer-songwriter is not only still active (both as an author and as a singer) but he also seems ready to fall in love again. According to some, indeed, he has already fallen in love, and none other than a well-known and very young face. Neither has yet provided confirmation, if not clues that, however, speak loud and clear.

Are Claudio Baglioni and Virginia Raffaele a couple?

Claudio Baglioni and Virginia Raffaele are they a couple? According to some, the two are, at least, very close. In fact, it seems that Italy’s most beloved comedian is often at Baglioni’s concerts, in her backstage, and that he is an assiduous fan of her shows.

Even the columnist and gossip expert, has received tips that speak of very confidential attitudes between the two, behind the scenes.

It is also suspicious that Baglioni’s partner, Rossella, has disappeared from the radar lately, while previously she was omnipresent at the singer’s concerts and public events. In addition, some recent songs of the singer-songwriter have a text that seems evocative of a new love: “I don’t know if you’ll be there forever. But you’ve always been there. I still can’t explain how But I liked you straight away “.

Claudio Baglioni, all the loves of the singer from his wife Paola Massari to his partner Rossella Barattolo

Claudio Baglioni has had two very long relationships in his life. The first was the one with Paola Massarimarried in 1973 (the couple had a son, Giovanni, born in 1982).

In 1987 Claudio Baglioni – still married to Massari – met Rossella Barattolo, who was part of his staff and with whom he began an intense friendship. Over the years Rossella became a very important person for the singer-songwriter to the point that she fell in love with him and began a relationship: the two went to live together in 1994, when he left his wife.

The two have theoretically been together ever since: in reality there is no confirmation that she is still a part of his life in recent times.


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