Alleged rapes: pending the sentences, can we condemn the fathers?

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If there’s one thing that irritates me almost as much as defending regardless of their fathers’ alleged child rapists, it’s the ritual distinctions as acrobats with the net underneath, expressed in long thoughtful introductions by the critic inspired by civil and democratic values, but – at the same time – not forgetting the appropriate hooping; who wants first of all to show off their beautiful soul: violence against women is ugly and bad, “but however” we are guaranteed and we carefully practice the principle of doubt on the accusations before the final sentence; the raped woman is the victim, “but however” the boy could be the defamed one. The apotheosis is priceless: the parent should refrain from defending the offspring and – therefore – insinuating doubts about the losing party, “but” we understand the dismay of the latter overwhelmed by the pain…

Especially the latter “but however” turns out insufferably hairy and self-righteous, given that whoever pronounces it is a columnist – therefore a man of the world – who knows very well what those heartbroken fathers are made of; he knows her biography. Especially in the presence of prominent public figures, such as the current president of the Senate Ignazio Benito La Russa and the day before yesterday Beppe Grillo. That is, the builders of the family environment in which their children lived, an expression of the values ​​and examples they transmitted in their role as educators.

In short, much more than the canonical three clues that constitute proof. But not at the expense of Leonard Apache you hate Cyrus, kids who rap songs praising gender violence (“I’m all done, I’m all mad, but I’ll fuck you with no fuss”), or exchange text messages – such as machistically triumphalist trophies – with other offspring of the herd (like the ‘exposition of one’s virile members leaning on the sleeping face of the presumed helpless prey); but against heartbroken daddiesguilty of inculcating such a mentality. Which is also theirs. Therefore, if it is true that the faults of the fathers must not fall on the children, parental responsibilities remain in full as an indelible burden of the former; which makes it inadmissible crocodile tears of their heartbroken statements and induces the realistic suspicion that the official defenses are rather the shameless search for an alibi. Not for the defender but for the defender himself. His mileage straw tail. So that any indignation he may display for any vexatious behavior of women is only a blatant expression of insincerity for the pure purpose of saving face.

But do we remember who Dad La Russa really is? The head of the paninari in the San Babila of the 1970s, one of the militants in the Right wing of MSI George Almirante. An avowed fascist – among other things – who grew up in the cult of the dominant male, who relegates the woman either to a domestic reproducer or to a simple “Warrior’s Rest”. Therefore an object of pleasure, condemned – alternatively – to a servile role. A being worthy of my utmost contempt for which, in the case involving Leonardo Apache, the father – second in charge of the state – can insinuate at first (then someone made him think, inviting him to be more cautious) that the girl in question it turned out unworthy of consideration as yes it was done a strip of cocaine. Among other things, “from which pulpit does the sermon come from”, if I think of the recent admissions of some politicians … After all, it was Benito Mussolini himself – of whose busts the president of the Senate is an acclaimed collector – who theorized the principle “loving women , love the speed, love women in speed!” (we do not know with what satisfaction of the possible partner in the face of this apology of premature ejaculation).

In short, it is very good not to issue preventive judgments on controversial episodes. While they are not controversial certain circles and certain peoplewhich should be marginalised. And stigmatized the disasters they have wrought on impressionable minds: their children. Types not to be placed on the supreme seats of the Republic or left free to hang out in “elevated” positions, making fun of the mouthfuls who still believe in it.

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