Alena Seredova explains why she has not yet baptized her daughter


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The baptism of little Viviana, Ale’s daughter, has not yet been celebratedna Seredova and Alessandro Nasi. The always very attentive followers ask for confirmation and then the reason why Vivi has not yet been baptized. It is in the questions that Alena Seredova lets her fans ask that she answers everything on social media. She admits that time has passed and her child has not yet received baptism, explains that they have always had to postpone due to the pandemic but that despite the fact that covid is no longer such a serious problem, they are not organizing baptism. She and Nasi have obviously talked about it and think that the right time is autumn. After the summer, Alena Seredova’s daughter will be baptized and her parents will be able to organize the party they wanted for her. Seredova’s family lives in Prague and of course she wants everyone to be there.

Alena Seredova admits that she is not always so smiling

Once again they repeat that they see her smile all the time and maybe there are those who think that she is never sorry, that her life is very simple, without problems. “It is difficult to imagine that this is not the case but it is not always rosy, it has not always been easy”. It goes without saying that Alena Seredova in the past had many problems but is now happy with Alessandro Nasi. She also confides that she is capable of feeling very bad even for the problems of her friends, simply when she is sad she does not show it, when she is worried she does not tell it.

He met Nasi in the mountains, at a friend’s house and he says that it was a very slow journey and that he was so patient to wait. They have been linked since 2015, they are happy with their children. Alena does not struggle with her children, she adores the two years of the child, as well as the adolescence of her eldest. She confesses, however, that they had to find another accommodation for the smaller dog, it was dangerous for the puppy to live with the larger dog they have always had at home.


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