AI ChatGPT helps CEOs think. Does it take your job too?


Launched late last year, the AI ​​text generator ChatGPT is very sophisticated and has already demonstrated its capabilities. write a coherent essayproduces sound legal documents and interacts with humans in a persuasive, conversational manner.

One CEO treats parent company OpenAI’s tools like regular members of his executive team.

“I let ChatGPT recognize where my biases and blind spots lie. The answers ChatGPT provides are a very good starting point to check your thinking,” said CEO of online course provider Coursera. , Jeff Maggioncalda told CBS MoneyWatch.

He said the tool has allowed him to approach business challenges more thoughtfully and see topics from a different perspective than his own. For example, at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland last week, Magion Calda typed in the prompt: “What should I consider when giving a speech to the Prime Minister in Davos?”

Another useful entry for business leaders is: Magion Calda said.

ChatGPT: Artificial Intelligence Sentence Scoring


Maggioncalda says he’s not alone in admiring this popular tool. Nearly 30% of his U.S. professionals say he has already used AI in his work, and industry experts see AI as a revolutionary creation with broad implications for business and work. I’m calling it. Some liken it to a calculator-like innovation that changed the way people think, act, and teach.

“What really matters is whether these things add value to human expertise, or mostly replace it,” said David Orteau, a professor of labor economics at MIT at CBS MoneyWatch. told to

No first draft required

Autor said bots devalue administrative and administrative skills. Chatbots are already adept at generating HR letters, boilerplate his text, and ad copy.

“These things are going to get easier. Such semi-professional jobs will be automated,” he said.

This is bad news for junior and mid-level employees. “The jobs most likely to be displaced [involve] Mundane tasks like writing basic advertising copy or the first draft of a legal document. Those are expert skills, and there’s no question that software makes them cheaper and thus devalues ​​human labor,” he said Autor.

Mihir Shukla, CEO and founder of AI and robotic automation company Automation Anywhere, predicted at the Davos conference that “between 15% and 70% of everything you do in front of a computer can be automated.”

The question remains what kind of new jobs new forms of AI will create. ChatGPT is new, but it’s just the latest example of a historic cycle of technological innovation, from printing presses and looms to smartphones and robotics, destined for certain jobs while pioneering new ones. am.

“We use this to create new products and services that create value and new opportunities, but they are much more difficult to predict,” said Autor.

A tutor who teaches using AI.


another member of the management team

Coursera’s Maggioncalda says he trusts ChatGPT as a writing assistant and, more importantly, a thought partner.

“If you give it a lot of text, it can summarize it well, itemize it, or translate it into another language,” he said.

He treats ChatGPT like another member of the management team who “wears different masks and speaks different voices from different perspectives.”

“Chat GPT is mostly like another person exchanging ideas. It’s a different perspective and it’s always there,” added Maggioncalda.

However, outsourcing this kind of work to a chatbot doesn’t necessarily take away jobs. Instead, in theory, human workers should be freed up to focus on more thoughtful and, ideally, profitable work.

So far, AI has not replaced humans in place of Magion Calda. “If I could have my executive team check my blind posts and thoughts, I would definitely be there, not ChatGPT,” he said.

“The world will never be the same”

Professor Oded Netzer of Columbia Business School, an expert in text mining techniques, said he immediately recognized ChatGPT as a revolutionary advancement in artificial intelligence.

“It’s a really amazing leap in technology and innovation,” he told CBS MoneyWatch. “From what we’ve seen, it’s one of those rare moments in technology and innovation where you go through it and say, ‘The world will never be the same as it was before. was one of

Enter a prompt such as “What kind of work does ChatGPT take on?” And ChatGPT spits out the following answer:

ChatGPT is a language model that can be used for a wide range of natural language processing tasks such as text generation, language translation, and summarization. It can be used in industries such as customer service, marketing, and content creation. However, it’s important to note that ChatGPT is a tool, it doesn’t require a job, it helps improve existing jobs and automate certain tasks.

Art created by artificial intelligence


Chatbots have already taken over the role of online customer service, and next month, for the first time, AI-Powered “Robot” Lawyers Represent Defendants in court. Experts say ChatGPT threatens to replace humans when it comes to easy-to-perform tasks, such as following a script and drafting standard legal documents.

According to a recent survey, nearly 30% of US professionals said they have used ChatGPT and other AI tools for work-related tasks. Research It covers the 4,500 employees of Fishbowl, a social network owned by career services company Glassdoor. Marketing and advertising employees had the highest adoption rate, with 37% reporting having used AI, followed by technology and consulting employees at 35% each and him at 30%. increase.

Netzer said ChatGPT is a game changer, but for the most part it’s not about replacing workers, it’s about enhancing their ability to do their jobs effectively.

“This is primarily an enhancement rather than an outright replacement for jobs,” he said.

overpaid work

For example, ChatGPT is good at helping programmers autocomplete and identify errors in computer code.

“Reducing the number of programmers needed might take away jobs, but it would help programmers catch code mistakes and write code more efficiently,” Netzer said. says.

The same is true for many jobs that require basic writing skills.

“When it comes to jobs that require writing, we don’t see it as a complete replacement for us, but rather as a starting point. It’s a great way to type in a prompt, see what it writes, and add a touch of humanity.” I think it’s a tool,” he added.

For example, ChatGPT can be used to easily generate emails for setting up meetings.

“Simple back-and-forth emails. These are the type of tasks that you can easily see the machine doing very well. The less you have to be creative, the more you should use instead,” Netzer said. says. “Can you help me send an email to set up a meeting when I have so little creativity?”

Of course, various automations like this already exist in their rudimentary form. For example, Google Mail and Chat suggest responses in text conversations.

“Serious Consequences”

Renowned economist and MIT Fellow Paul Kedrosky believes ChatGPT will have a major impact on every industry and role.

It “has a tremendous impact on a host of different activities… Grammar, almost any domain that has an organized way of expressing oneself,” he said in a recent blog. podcast“It could be software engineering, it could be a high school essay, it could be a legal document, all of which are easily eaten and spitted out by this ravenous beast.”

Software giants are taking notice.Microsoft on Monday “Several years, billions of dollars of investment” Artificial intelligence startup OpenAI is the maker of ChatGPT and other tools that can write readable text and generate new images.

’60 Minutes’ reports on AI technology helping create realistic deep fakes


What many experts believe ChatGPT cannot yet do, and may never do, is a task that requires many stages of human judgment applied to a variety of problems and other cognitive challenges. . For example, consider a chart or table showing metrics for a company that is underperforming. ChatGPT can summarize the data and tell the user what the chart shows. What we haven’t been able to do yet is explain why the data is meaningful.

“When I ask ChatGPT what they think is going on at this company, they respond in the same way that lower executives do: they tell me what they see on the table. says very clearly that this parameter went down and this went up in a , coherent way. is the type of task that requires judgment, and humans are still very valuable.”


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