After McDonald’s accidentally gave a man $5,000 in cash, he went viral for doing the right thing


Imagine going to a fast food restaurant for a quick bite and being handed a bag full of cash. $5,000 to be exact.

For a man from Northern Indiana who went to McDonald’s in Elkhart, Indiana, in search of McMuffin, Indystar, the situation became a reality. newspaper reported. Standing at the pickup window, Josiah Vargas said he was handed a large plastic McDonald’s bag.

You may not have thought anything of it at first.

As we entered the parking lot, Vargas opened the bag, which contained many small plastic bags containing cash. He suspected it was the store’s bank deposit.

Vargas captured his reaction on video and posted the footage on TikTok.

“Why are you doing this to me?” the Indiana man asked as he sat in his car pondering what to do. “You know how much I want money. Why put me in his place?”

No matter how much he wanted the money, Vargas knew what he had to do.

He picked up his bag, got out of the car, and headed back to McDonald’s. He approached the counter and joked.

Almost immediately, the employees were overjoyed and perhaps relieved.

“You are a blessing from God,” said one worker.

“Oh my god, I really want a hug,” another commented.

Vargas spoke with employees and gave many hugs before leaving.

In the end, he made a pretty good deal out of it.

Vargas said in the video that McDonald’s gave him free food for a month, along with $200 as a “thank you” gift.

Many comments have flooded Vargas’ video since the accident, with many praising his actions and many saying he has a lot of good karma coming his way.

“Josiah’s actions were an inspiration to all of us and we are forever grateful that he returned our bank deposit,” said Estefan Awad, owner of the place, in a statement. said. Indy Star newspaper.

To wrap up his TikTok video, Vargas gave everyone who watched it a piece of advice and one simple request.

“Be good,” he said. “If you give back $5,000, you get $200 plus a month of free McDonald’s, great deal value, and a viral TikTok.”


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Written by Natalia Chi

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