According to the Germans, Ukrainian refugees can stay with them permanently


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Home Secretary Nancy Faeser and Social Democrat fellow Labor Minister Hubertus Heil spoke about this at a refugee shelter in Berlin.

And Katja Kipping, the social affairs senator in the Berlin city council – the left-wing Social Democrats to the left of the ruling Social Democrats – did not rule out the possibility of a significant increase in the number of Ukrainian war refugees in the German capital again. According to Kipping, the number of arrivals has dropped to about five hundred a day at the moment, but as they put it, “they have to reckon with the fact that it could increase again by leaps and bounds at any moment.”

“It all depends on the developments in the war,” as well as on the situation in other host states, such as Poland. He also stressed that “if the Polish government significantly reduces social benefits, it could lead to processes such that the numbers could increase again on July 1”.

The German Minister of the Interior considered that no jump was expected given Poland’s full access to the labor market and social security system for Ukrainian refugees. Faeser, however, pointed out that the course of the war was unpredictable and that so far more than 850,000 Ukrainian war refugees had been registered in Germany. He added that many of them had already returned to their homeland.

The German labor minister explained that the integration of refugees was “taking huge strides forward”. “Even if the war were to end soon and a ceasefire were to be concluded, the devastation would be so unlikely that many would return in the short term,” Heil added, adding that this would require generosity in Germany for even longer.

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