A teacher has still not received her September salary because of a common computer bug

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A computer bug has deprived a teacher from Loiret of her salary for two months. She tries as best she can to get her due from National Education.

At 49, Virginie Lagneaux, a mathematics teacher in Gien (Loiret), thought she had seen it all, but she probably didn’t imagine having to fight one day to receive her salary. The one for the month of September, she has been waiting for two months now, and this is because of a computer error. Today, she says she is “at the end of her rope” in the face of this dragging situation.

Tired of the situation, the teacher is on sick leave

Deprived of her September salary due to a computer error, Virginie Lagneaux has been fighting for two months to obtain justice from the National Education administration. After receiving an e-mail from the rectorate informing him of the withholding of his salary, a deposit of 1,600 euros was paid to him at the end of September. It was almost too good to be true.

Because in October, the administration withdrew the deposit granted, ultimately leaving the teacher with a sum of 600 euros on her pay slip. This precarious financial situation has since affected Virginie Lagneaux, who is now on sick leave due to the intense stress caused by the situation.

The Orléans-Tours academy, which must manage the situation of 43,000 teachers, admitted to a computer and accounting error dating back to the end of 2019. What happened?

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A computer error that has still not been corrected

In 2019, Virginie Lagneaux’s working conditions had changed, with a switch to part-time. The teacher preferred to cut her salary and decided to over-contribute, to ensure a better retirement. Except that the conditions of his part-time work then changed, and the whole problem resulted from the fact that his additional contribution was not recalculated.

Virginie then contributes less than she should, and therefore receives a little too much. The overpayment became significant when the National Education services realized the error, that is to say after a year. The administration, for its part, decided to take the overpayment over several months, to avoid a single levy that was too gross.

The withdrawals were to be spread out until the end of 2023. Except that in September 2023, this famous computer bug occurred. “When in September, the payment request arrived at the department responsible for it, an anomaly was detected and the payment was rejected,” explains the rectorate. In October, the deposit was withdrawn again, with a September salary still blocked. The administration promises to restore the situation as quickly as possible. It would be time for the teacher forced to make some sacrifices in recent weeks.

Source: France 3 Centre-Val de Loire

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