A second marriage for Beatrice Valli and Marco Fantini: they also get married in church


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Beatrice Valli and Marco Fantini had not given up the wedding in church and it is the influencer who responds to the curiosity of the followers. On Instagram they ask her why they didn’t get married with a religious rite and she explains why. The wedding in Capri continues to excite her, there is still so much to see on their most beautiful day but soon there will also be a religious wedding. Beatrice Valli and Marco Fantini are husband and wife, this is what matters most of all but they have always had the desire to promise eternal love before God. They will soon be in front of the altar but Beatrice Valli anticipates that it will be a ceremony for a fewonly for the people closest to them, the family.

Will Beatrice Valli wear another wedding dress?

A second marriage with the man of her life; after the one celebrated in Capri on May 29, the Valli will also marry her Marchini in church. It is a step they care about a lot but the reason why in Capri the rite was only civil is really very simple, more practical than anything else.

“It took too long to move guests from the Capri church to the location. So we decided to do the civil ceremony directly in the villa – explained Beatrice announcing a second marriage – We will do something very intimate, between us, in the church here in Milan, because we want to get married in the church “.

And on the letter that his son Alessandro wrote for them, he reveals that his teacher helped him and that she and Marco knew nothing. “The celebrant anticipated the moment by saying there is a special admirer who has to read something to you. Initially he had to read it Ale, but he was so excited that she read it the celebrant “. With the followers they will soon share only the first part of the letter, because it is really long and they also want to remain private.


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