A nightmare summer: the difficulties to face for all the increases


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How you can think of a summer on vacation (and, therefore, a restart of consumption) this is a mystery. Poor us

Not just gasoline, not just television license fees, not just food. Raise the price of anything! What we are about to experience could be a really complicated summer for Italians. Taking a holiday or taking a whim will become a luxury for a few.

Price increases (web source) 10.6.2022

Against the cost of living, consumers take to the streets with the “Empty pots” initiative. The protest in Piazza SS Apostoli in Rome. The request is the adoption of a package of measures to counter price increases and speculations to safeguard the purchasing power of families. A protest that follows the document presented to the government on 6 April. Among the acronyms that denounce the expensive life, Adiconsum, Codacons, Assoutenti, but also Federconsumatori, Confconsumatori and others.

Specifically, between the claims on the tablethe associations ask to free the price of energy from speculation and market volatility, not to apply VAT on fuel excise duties and to limit the tax burden to the European average, but also to provide a support fund for the less wealthy for the realization of energy redevelopment of buildings.

In general, the request is for a prior consultation of recognized consumer and user associations for the adoption of measures regarding prices and energy policy. This is because there seems to be no sector that does not undergo (or will undergo) extraordinary increases for the upcoming summer. A few examples.

Unsustainable price increases

All due to inflation that last month reached levels not seen since 1986, settling at 6.9%. According to Assoutenti’s calculations, a family of four will spend around $ 2,753 more this year. And not only for the increases in the bill or those of fuel, now sadly known to all.

Rincari (web source) 10.6.2022 direct newsPrice increases (web source)

Ferry prices, for example, have grown by 20%. But also renting a car, which used to be affordable for everyone, can now cost 1000 dolars a week. For Federconsumatori, the car rental sector scores on average price increases of 67% on last year

And even the flights of low cost airlines cost 200 dolars. Especially in the hottest holiday weeks, traveling abroad is prohibitive, even with companies that usually guaranteed affordable prices. And there is no need to book in advance, nor to choose exhausting hours to save money.

Vacation costs will increase by 15-20%. And eating at the restaurant will cost about 5% more than last year. Even umbrellas and deck chairs will cost 10% more than last year. Worse still the pedal boats, ten dolars for 30 minutes in the water, compared to 8.90 a year ago. An increase of 12%.

How you can think of a summer on vacation (and, therefore, a restart of consumption) this is a mystery. And all this comes after two years of Covid-19 pandemic, which has weakened not only the health of Italians, but also the country’s economy.


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